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  1. Hi Drank, glad you decided to come out of the shadows. Good to have you with us on TSF
  2. Hi Jesse & welcome to the TSF 🙂 BTW I do like your videos, especially the coin guy and your last one... good stuff
  3. @5huggy the "golf balls" ; there still up there buddy right in in the middle, at the top! Added 0 minutes later...
  4. Seems they now have this in stock if it is of interest to anyone ? PrevNext 30g ¥10 CNY Chinese Silver Panda Coin BU Random Year (In Capsule) €19.33 Buy 15 for €19.28 each Buy 150 for €19.23 each Buy 600 for €19.18 each Availability: In stock (Only 3311 left) sorry it's not in the u.k though
  5. Great vid BYB. Can sense the pressure of these trying times in your commentary. You know that gold will hold it's own! Was / is it even in doubt with times like these, after 5k years. Yet I feel your love for silver could be going through a hard spot at the moment. You know what silver is, what it's worth and more than most, you can really add value and beauty to that silver. Dont despair. It will rise again in all means. Till then take care of you and more importantly Mrs BYB (& loved ones), my friend.
  6. Awesome pieces, and words of wisdom. If only I was your grandkid papoo 🤗
  7. Nice one, or should I say two. Congrats @GavinDevon
  8. Nice looking coins. I think they all look aunc. As for myself I do like a nice patina on the coins. Feel it can really bring out the best, and can make the coin look amazing. I refrain from cleaning them. Saying that though beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  9. Cant find any anywhere, and if I do it's nowhere near spot 🙄
  10. Welcome, very interesting indeed
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