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  1. Its sad that this forum is reflecting a growing persistence to derail the nature of these threads and members who bring up the actions of the financial industrial complex (cabal). Consistent ad hominem fallacies and personal insults are routinely the norm while misnomers like 'conspiracy theorists' are being used to obscure the power relations that have produced majority of society into malthusian lickspittles - the result has shown people are schizophrenic and suffer from cognitive pathology. You really have to hand it to the cabal for their effective propaganda and compartmentalisation because they have convinced much of the West that questioning authority, its organization, design and who it collaborates to is some what controversial and an enemy which deserves their human rights to be violated through censorship. Even @Martlet has insinuated that while certain media channels are not airing Ickes opinion and the action of violating human rights is the savior - a complete cogitation pattern of indoctrinated parochialism.
  2. He might be considered a good guy but he clearly suffers from some sort of cognitive pathology.
  3. Ah, the default ad hominem when your perceptions and illusions are being destroyed. Your inability to refute the matter and context is the biggest proof of the truth.
  4. Never read such slave-like - lickspittle nonsense in my entire life. Imagine being so dejected from the real world that you are so indoctrinated with pugnacious Unionism thats its formed the illusion that the act of Union is somehow meritocratic LOL! If that isnt schizophrenic then I dont know what is! I was on the floor laughing at the lengths of conditioning you have to be to post an unelected business enterprise which conduits its lifestyle from the demand of the taxpayer on refurbishing their ostentatious properties and private jets is somehow the symbol of unity and resolve while food banks proliferate amidst the rise in poverty - Not to mention the constitutional elimination of the United Kingdom. Holy F#ck, I cannot wait to become Independent from these type of posts which reflect a cult of insanity down South.
  5. London Real is a UK based Youtube channel that is owned by Brian Rose in which he interviews all celebrity and controversial characters. On 6th April 2020, Brain Rose interviewed David Icke on the COVID-19 virus and related subjects which includes 5G. After posting the interview Youtube removed the video on the basis of 5G violating freedom of speech.
  6. Read the United States Constitution. Then Thomas Jeffersons material on Banking (particularly Bank of England). After that, watch Mike Maloneys youtube videos which detail the modern banking system as it exposes the theft on taxpayers. After that, if you are living in the UK please look up The City of London Corporation and its role with the Bank of England. By then you should have at least the brief knowledge of where little guys like us stand in the face of banking gangsterism. Another layer to look into is the Bank of International Settlements, the Vatican and Agenda 21.
  7. Why would any one give that a thought about them when they perpetuate the class system while simultaneously exist only through the mainstream media
  8. The most viewed time frame in the industry I believe is the daily and that worked greatly in my experience. That and the Monthly time-frame rarely lets small traders down. That is the best way to scale technical analysis in my opinion.
  9. As a former OTC trader, I was wrong 42% of the time. 😜
  10. My TA indicates that the spot price will head near $3,000 in the next few years
  11. An American Doctor Royal Lee dedicated his life to nutrition, this thread is worth his consideration. His material is the best iv ever came across.
  12. Minimalist

    Gold is Wealth

    The first homosapiens originated from Mesopotamia - hundreds of thousands of years ago. The silver shekel was used to trade. Gold/Silver will never let us down. Fiat always will.
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