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  1. Hi, I have a few coins i want to sell. 1 Marvel Series Hulk - 28 $ 1 Panda 2015 - 25 $ 1 Panda 2019 - 26 $ Shipping 4$ seen a few better deal on ebay and i wanted to update the prices to try and match them if anybody is interested. Pay Pal with F&F
  2. yeah, i try to monitor and grab one. all about timing also thank you for what you do for the community
  3. Hi, They are not sold in UK? how many are you looking for?
  4. Hi all, i have some old notes that have some writings on them that i would like to restore. Does anybody know somebody that can do that in USA? thank you
  5. Hi, I am looking to exchange: 2 x Perth Lunar series year of the dog 1 x Panda 2019 1 x Panda 2015 5 Oz Silver generic bar For: Silver eagle Queen's Ann Revenge Apocalypse series silver coins (4 coins release - 4 horsemen of the apocalypse) 1/10 Gold Thank you
  6. Hi, is anybody going to the coin show in Atlanta this weekend? thank you
  7. Hi, I did not thought was relevant were I was born. I am US citizen so you could say I am an American if you want. thank you :)
  8. Hi all, i started to buy coins a little less than a year a go. I got a few silver coins and a bar. Looking to get some small gold coins in the near future. I leave in USA currently but I am originally from Europe. Thank you
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