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  1. So I've been monitoring the recent developments and a question has come up. As we noticed, after the huge drop in silver price, some of the bullion sellers decided to up the premium, while others stopped selling completely. Apparently not to lose a ton of money. So what is to stop them from doing the same if the silver price rockets up and again they decide not to buy our silver back ? If they don't sell when it is too cheap, they won't buy when it's too expensive.
  2. I was checking as @greektony suggested above. The prices also appear VAT free, althought it is based in Belgium. Is this correct ? P.S. I am based in Bulgaria (EU)
  3. Good stuff friends, Thank you for the quality info. Especially @STONE Really appreciate the time you all took to clarify things in a simple, easy to digest way. @Ceaiu , if buying from EuropeanMint, should I use capital logistics like it is mentioned in their website? Is it a tried and safe method of delivery?
  4. Hello all, I've been reading, watching videos and listening to interviews regarding buying precious metals to get informed but aparently I am missing the point - so here I am asking dumb questions. I am thinking of buying some silver 2020 1oz Maple leafs I am checking prices on www.bullionbypost and the buying price is 33.24 euro / coin My question is: How in the world am I expected to get my money back or even have a profit when they are buying them back at 16 euros / coin ? What am I missing ? My whole goal is to transform my money in a form that does not diminish or suffer from inflation. But if I am at such a huge loss, how is that lucrative ? Again sorry for asking something that should be obvious. Hope someone bears with me and spares their time to answer. Cheers to ya'll
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