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  1. Hi... If I go ahead with this order can I only order silver or can I order other metals too? I might look at some palladium which has the same tax rules as the UK Thanks
  2. @ChrisSilver so obvious when you point it out honestly cannot believe I missed that... just made this site even more worthy in my mind fantastic to have such a community
  3. Hi.. Im currently retraining to become an IFA and I say this as this is what I do, I’m certainly not giving advice but I buy both funds and gold every month by direct debit regardless of what’s happening in the world. There is always a crisis somewhere so the key is to have diversity across geographical region and asset classes, which In this day and age is so easy. The S&P fell to a spookily low of 666 in 2008 and currently sits 3024 that’s a several hundred percent increase in 12 years. As the saying goes the bull goes up the stairs the bear goes out the window so just buy every month and over time it gives a nice averaging effect. Sometimes you buy high sometimes you buy low overall it works out well and people who say they can time markets well I certainly don’t trust them over the long run to much evidence now suggesting tracking indices is far more effective then paying a manager to time things...
  4. @trp is the Silver forum not just based on the UK then? That does explain a lot...
  5. @trp yes CGT is currently £12000. The tax laws are simple if it’s a legal tender coin and can be spent in a shop then it is CGT free but it has to be a UK coin. Only gold is VAT free and only British gold currency coins are both VAT and CGT free. From the photos many people have bars and coins from all over the world very nice hand poured bullion etc etc which they seem to saving for retirement in the future, and whilst this is an awesome idea a life times saving of bullion will add up to some big sums at which point CGT could become a huge problem. Imagine the shock you will get when you sell your 50 Canadian gold 1oz maple leaves and then get a tax bill for 20% and realise that had you had 1oz gold Britannia’s it would have mitigated this problem?
  6. Hi everyone! ive has a good look through the topics and cannot find a tax topic... I have to say the photos of all these stacks has really impressed me but how do people get round all the tax laws? Especially CGT? UK gold coins are obviously both VAT and CGT free and as such I sold all my Silver stack sometime ago to mitigate these circumstances but looking at some of the photos there are people with huge sums in silver and gold bullion bars which are not CGT free etc or do people just not worry about these things? i will say I’m hugely impressed by this community though I’m massively into finance and currently re training to become an IFA and as such I would recommend everyone looks at precious metals it’s something we do poorly here in the UK so it’s good to see this group owning proper ‘money’ not just fiat currency!
  7. Hi guys... I’m new here and certainly glad to be here too! Lots to learn lots to ask so do bare with me. Despite my name been Brazil2001 I don’t live in Brazil I live in the York UK... anyway thanks for accepting me here look forward to reading the posts... Matt
  8. Is it because of the VAT situation??? It’s cheaper for me to get mine from Germany than it is the Uk because the VAT is not paid rightly or wrongly?!?!?!
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