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  1. @ilovesilverireallydo that 20 Lire's are really rare and expensive. I think I got like around 60 different 20 franc size LMU coins, but that one is stil on my wishlist. Congratulations
  2. I have just noticed that my message box is full and that I should delete messages or upgrade to premium. I have deleted plenty of messages but it still says its full. So how many messages am I able to have as a normal user?
  3. Nice one! Those Austrian and Hungarian Florins are very nice to pick up. There are plenty of different years with quite low mintages compared to the most other french francs. I am trying to gather many different dates, with patience the collection grows over time while paying only fairly small premiums.
  4. Prices in EUROS Shipping from Germany Insured shipping up to 500 Euros costs 14 Euros / Tracked and uninsured letter costs 6,5 Euros Payment in advance via bank transfer Pictures available on request Some prices are negociable I reserve the right too change prices due to changing market prices of pm's. 20 Francs Napoleon mit Kranz 1811A (bad condition)- 2451/4 Oz Eagle 1988, MS condition, Mintage only 49K- 3901/4 Oz Britannia 1988 - 34010 Mark Wilhelm I 1873 A- vz-stgl -220 100 Francs Tunisia 1935- Mintage 3k- 350 10 Kronen Austria 1909 - 140 1/20 oz Lunar II Horse - 80 20 Pesos Atztek Kalendar 1918 Original strike- 660 5 Pesos Colombia 1924- 330 2 x 10 Gulden 1897 joung portrait - 260 1 Dukat Netherlands 1928 - 155 5 Gulden 1912 - 150 Double Louis d'Or 1876 T - 950 100 Kurush Ottoman Empire Abdulhamid II 1293/23 - 285 100 Kurush Ottoman Empire Abdul Aziz 1277/4 - 285 100 Kurush Ottoman Empire Abdulmecid I 1255/13 - 285 1/2 Pahlavi 1336 - 165 10 Mark Saxonia 1888 E -250 10 Mark Baden 1876 G - 250 1 Dukat Austria 1876 - 300
  5. The 50 Pesos are worth more because its not one of these 1947 common restrikes. I guess around spot + 3-7%
  6. Everything you find in my threads and more is listed or can be listed. Usually selling without pp, would have to add the method, but also the fees, but still nice savings!
  7. Hey Guys, today 28.06.2019 you can get a nice discount on ebay with the code PRIZE10 Minimum amount spent 100 Pound, Max saving 100 Pounds https://pages.ebay.co.uk/coupons/2019/md47d/index.html/ There is one Problem though: The ‘Property’, ‘Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles’, and ‘Coins, Banknotes & Bullion’ categories are always excluded. You could try to find some PM which is listed on pother categories, or ask sellers to change category. Or, just buy any other items cheaper.... I got my items listed there and can change category without a problem, and I pay max 5 Euros ebay fees du to a other limited offer from ebay. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  8. Quater Britannia here: