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  1. whuamai

    for sale World Gold Fractionals

  2. whuamai

    20 Francs Advice Please

    Patience pays! A complete collection is boring, to have a goal to achieve is more fun. Within a period of a few years it should be possible to find many nice coins close to spot..also Angels...
  3. whuamai

    Gold testing

    BTW our admin morezone has one which he shows on yt. I am sure he could answer some open questions about it.
  4. whuamai

    Gold testing

    Yea and especially when buying a lot on the secondary market it's worth considering. I just think the prices are a bit high and they must fall over a period of time. Don't they all test all precious metals?
  5. whuamai

    Gold testing

    I'm just using a digital plastic caliper with two digits and a digital scale with two digits after the dot. These sigma verifiers are kinda interestig but they still cost alot and have to be imported (import taxes)from the USA.
  6. whuamai

    20 Francs Advice Please

    I stil have one tunisian waiting for you Remember there are several different types but only 2 of them are affordable. 1891-1902 and 1903-1906
  7. whuamai

    20 Francs Advice Please

    Hey thanks for welcoming me here. I've deleted the shortcut for bad language. I've also started with the cheap ones just seen as a cheap way to buy smal gold coins. But then I started to like them and the premiums I pay are getting higher and higher. Now I have about 50 different types without varieties and it's getting quite expensive.
  8. whuamai

    20 Francs Advice Please

    20 Francs minted in London I thought this might be interested for you guys from england who are interested in LMU gold coins. Sorry for the bad picture quality, my phone camera is bad and I had no sunlight at all. Too bad this piece has some stuff on the rim but it's stil a nice piece of history.
  9. whuamai

    20 Francs Advice Please

    I am located in germany and I can tell you that these coins have a low spread and are well known here. For a standard piece in average condition you will always get at least spot price on the secondary market.
  10. whuamai

    20 Francs Advice Please

    Very interesting article. I am mainly collecting the LMU gold coins, especially the 20s and I am glad that I found more people apreciating this collecting area.
  11. whuamai

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Today my bars have seen a bit of light after being in the dark for quite a while.
  12. Hi guys, I want to sell this silver 1 kilo bar Check allengelhard.com for details. I guess it's the one with produced about < 2000 pieces Same type (with someones name engraved) was sold on 22.11.2018 at lower spot for about 860 USD. I'm looking for 800 EUR+14 EUR Shipping Feel free to leave a offer. Thanks
  13. whuamai

    for sale World Gold Fractionals

    Pics made under artificial light
  14. whuamai

    for sale World Gold Fractionals

    added some coins, trader feedback coming soon
  15. whuamai

    for sale 25 x 5 German Reichsmarks Silver

    taking offers, trader feedback coming soon