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  1. Hello , I am new the the forum. I tried searching some of the tags I included in this post into the website search engine. The search did not seem to turn up what I was looking for. I have attempted to do research on Google and some other web browsers regarding the subject but I seem to be fed with a continuous stream of recycled or limited information. I am interested in learning more about the purchasing power of precious metals, most notably silver. Not necessarily the currency denomination assigned to their weights, although I understand that is how we conceptualize it at this time. I'm seeking both additional information on a historical basis in mankind's recorded history, and in a more recent sense in places like Zimbabwe and Venezuela. More specifically, what does a silver dime or silver quarter buy in these places? What might we expect in the future regarding gasoline, flour, coffee, ECT? I am seeking this information to both help myself and help me help family and friends during the coming financial meltdown. Sources would be appreciated.
  2. Hello, I am relatively new to the world of precious metals. I only began learning about the financial world and the truth of currency and central banking last July. I was introduced to it by Mike Maloney's documentary: The Hidden Secrets of money. Ever since I have been down the rabbit hole. Since then I have focused most of my budgeted disposable income on attaining hard assets, including supplies and metals. I have relatively little gold or platinum, and have been speculating on silver as a hedge against the coming currency collapse. I live almost exclusively on cheap plant based foods and limit my expenditures as much as I can.