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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    silver bars, at least for now

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  1. Got this 3.3oz for my valentine, hope it scores me some points so I can buy more Ag without getting the stinkeye! Howard
  2. Thanks to the WAC 458-20-248 code, there is no precious metal tax in the state of Washington. Established in 1985, this code states that anything that qualifies as a precious metal, including bullion, is exempt from taxation. This law is quite broad, but basically it covers any gold or silver that has been or can be used as currency in the United States or in any other country. This means that coins such as the US Eagle, the silver and gold Maple Leaf and other popular bullion coins will not carry a tax. This does not, however, include numismatic coins and other precious metal collectibles. In such cases the state’s sales tax will apply, which is currently 6.5%. This is the standard across the state, but in some regions there are additional amounts added to this, including 3% in Seattle and King’s County. Added 0 minutes later... I pay cash or use zelle so I don't pay tax or claim it, there is a stiff penalty for gains on your silver in the US! See you CPA about that
  3. Wow, these are very cool, I like the refined sophisticated look to them,
  4. Hey Chris, I've been looking around the site and I'm not seeing much in terms of items for sale in the US. I know you have a premium section, but it appears that I can see those after they have been sold. Event the # of premium sales look like they are few and far between in the US. Am I not seeing the whole picture? Best, Howard
  5. Thank you! Hope to be a valuable asset to the community Recent purchase
  6. My name is Howard and I'm from a suburb near Seattle. Yes, it rains constantly here so you don't want to visit or move here. I'm looking to buy kilos coins and bars, I also like 10oz bars. At the end of the day I of course want the good deals! Ciao, Howard