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  1. Exactly the reason I stack don't get any interest back on my hard-earned cash sat in a bank account so I would rather it works for me
  2. I hear you stone yes it's wrong the government screws you every way you look it's as bad here unfortunately I am in a higher tax bracket so although I work hard in my job the government sit back and helps itself
  3. I'm thinking you would pay import duty and vat when you bring it back into the country?
  4. So if I lived in a taxable state and brought a coin from you in no tax state, would i be libable for tax once it crossed statelines or once I brought it? Wondering how many store in no tax states to get round it. Like you said very difficult to.keep tabs on unless selling via eBay where it automatically detects tax. Either way betting not US tax is as bad as the 20% vat we have to pay in UK on any nongold PM
  5. When I sell the odd coin it's under Purrnickety
  6. Thinking if you don't trust it don't touch it
  7. Bottom one being rusty is unlikely to be silver, the eyepiece is just that a jeweler's loop, I'm thinking the boxes are keepsake boxes though not sure about the one with insert. Only way of being certain is get them.tested tbh or look for hallmarks/makers marks and checking them online.
  8. I'm inclined to agree on platinum... Now where is my time machine so I can go back and stack rodium?
  9. How are you getting on with platinum Pete? I'm seriously tempted to stack it alongside gold it's VAT issue here in the UK that puts me off off-plan and to be honest not a massive saving getting it through the group in the silver buys
  10. My first was a batch of full sovereigns. Realized very early, before I brought anything, that premiums are a killer and even though I could have brought a massive chunk of silver (vat free) I stuck with gold and buy close to spot as possible
  11. What's not to like about shiny stuff
  12. Lol depends what happens with a fund I've got messing me about 🤫🤫🤫
  13. Totally agree. I'm up there too and by saying 10k I didn't necessarily mean go spend all at once. I've built up when price was right