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  1. I am not saying by a means the coins are now perfect but they are a lot better than it was
  2. Ok you may or may not agree with it but.. I picked up a mixture of coins the other day some of which were heavily tarnished and as they were going into my own stack for keeping I thought I would try a gentle clean followed the various videos on on YouTube. Simple ALU foil and bicarb in pan, added coins and more bicarb on top added boiling water and left it to do it thing shaking pan occasionally to keep the reaction going. had a bowl of cold water ready to plunge coins into once had been soaked and found with a little experimentation gently rubbing the coins with my thumb in the bicarb solution help clean them quite dramatically. Once washed clean in fresh cold water a gentle wipe down with some kitchen paper clean them even further. Ok ok not easy to see the difference before and after in the photos but it might be interesting to a few of us. VID_20200405_115010.mp4
  3. Read the advert carefully and will see it's not a no fee just hold off paying fees. 🤬
  4. Maybe but I wish they hurry up bring it back...my eBay fees this month..... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬
  5. Agreed and has anyone else noticed they stopped the £1 selling deals since the virus started 🤬
  6. I've just grabbed my 2nd Oz earlier today 😀
  7. Don't go.looking at me 😇😇😇 No although @Troy77 gave me the heads up I've learnt not to follow his links as it ends up with me spending a fortune...or 3
  8. Hi lily welcome to the madhouse
  9. Let's put it this way I posted an item for sale and quoted x amount for shipping, the buyer paid the total I gave. Shipping cost me more so what did I do? Packed it as carefully as I would want my own coins delivered making sure wouldn't get damaged on the post no matter what and paid the extra shipping out of my own pocket. The customer got their shipment this morning earlier than I quoted and not only left great feedback also personally messaged me how happy they was. To me a happy customer is much better than one who's not as they will buy again. Value or volume is irrelevant.. every customer is special regardless of spending £1 or £10000. Just my take on it and I'm sure most here can relate
  10. On some you also pay a percentage of current spot for delivery and insurance ontop of that too
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