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  1. I have two Engelhard London silver bar sets. In your opinion, which set is the better? If you will notice the set in the case, a few bars are stamped a bit different. Is this a good or bad thing? Thank you. J
  2. Engelhard British Hallmark CollectionMade in 1969 for one year only.Four 100G bars from 4 different U.K. Mints London Sheffield Edinburgh Birmingham Comes in original Engelhard case. A great Engelhard collector set! Buy It Now for 1650 delivered or 1550 without the case or 395 each. PayPal, FB Messenger or Venmo G&S add 3% Thank You
  3. Hello, I have collected coins and bullion for several years. I recently acquired a license and a Sales Tax number for resale. I have registered with companies such as APMEX, Kitco, SilverTowne, JM Bullion, SD Bullion, etc. Also, a bulk buying account with the U S Mint. Which distributor do you use for buying to re-sell? I want to try to settle on one or two. Thanks
  4. 1987 UK Britannia Two Coin Proof Set Includes 1987 1/4 ounce gold proof and 1987 1/10 ounce gold proof Comes with COA and special case. Very collectible and hard to find. APMEX is still showing "out of stock". Price 750 plus 10 shipping to US 48 PayPal, FB Messenger or Venmo Thanks
  5. I have For Sale a really nice and unique set of Engelhard 100G silver bars. Produced in 1969 for one year only ..... They were poured at four different mints: Edinburgh, London, Birmingham and Sheffield. Notice the Hallmarks. Price is 1490 plus 10 shipping to US 48 OR 395 each PayPal, FB Messenger or Venmo Thanks
  6. Thank you for the information. I am waiting to hear from another set so as to compare. I am interested, but want to be sure that I am getting the best deal. I will get back to you tomorrow. Where are you located? thanks John
  7. Thank you for the replies. My daughter's name is "Sigrid"! She was named for my grandmother, Sigrid whose father came over from Sweden in the 1800s. Nice to meet you! J
  8. For Sale or Trade / or Purchase 1969 Engelhard London 100G silver bar. I want to either locate the rest of the set of 4 or sell this one. As you probably know, this set was offered for only one year, 1969. 5000 or less were minted. Any other interest in the London set? Thank you. J
  9. Hello Group, I have been collecting, buying, selling and trading in antiques, collectibles, silver, gold, etc. for over 25 years. I am always interested in learning more about precious metals. I just discovered this FORUM and would like to meet new collectors to learn even more. Thanks for my addition to the "club". I will be respectful to each of you and hope that you will be respectful to me. J Durr Wise