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  1. HGr

    The coming Gold crash

    I know! Payday, was going to spend a bit today but might wait and see what happens
  2. If production drops massively, it could end up being lower mintage
  3. HGr


    Has anyone tried it? I started using BV last week but I found the purchasing a bit fiddly. I would like to buy instantly close to spot if possible, not mess around with bids.
  4. Wish I bought the dip last Monday!
  5. HGr

    The coming Gold crash

    Top trolling 10/10.
  6. D'oh, wish I saw this yesterday - just stuffed 600 quid into bullionvault. It says price is guaranteed til payday though, great! Cheers
  7. Are these made of a different alloy than the standard modern bullion sovs?
  8. Do you have any links to news articles for this? I wasn't aware and couldn't find anything in a quick search. Thanks.
  9. So if somebody did have savings they wanted to invest, should they bang it all in today or drip feed it in over a year?
  10. HGr

    closed 10oz Bar

    Still looking! Cheers
  11. HGr

    Fake Graded Coins?

    How can you trust any slabbed coin if this is the case, unless you sent it for grading yourself? I'm surprised the grading companies would allow these companies to continue to supply them. It undermines their whole point of existence!
  12. HGr

    Fake Graded Coins?

    Please can anyone recommend reputable dealers that sell reasonably priced graded coins? I have mostly only bought bullion from Europe before.
  13. HGr

    Fake Graded Coins?

    Yeah it's got proper-looking hologram and barcode on the reverse, entered the number on Anacs website and it went to the right page
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