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  1. @Stu, @Bxlsteve, @GrahamDiamond, and @ChrisSilver ... Thank you for all of your kind welcomes
  2. Anyone residing in Great Britain / Europe who has this to sell do let me know. Many thanks
  3. Oh, so there are extra duties on top of standard import duties to the UK from Australia due to product being metals? A ''Wanted'' note is a good idea. Note sure of the likelihood of someone on here wanting to sell a new 2020 coin. Maybe a re-seller as you say.
  4. Thank you for the replies so far guys Going to show my newbie-ness here now, ha; What is the difference between 'Proof' and 'Bullion' @trp? Actually I stumbled across the Australian Opal Lunar Series - 2020 Year of the Mouse 1oz Silver Proof Coin lastnight on perthmint. I do like the look of it, and something quirky and different. I do wonder if there are any special import taxes for Silver/Gold on top of import duties already due!?
  5. Having read a thread on here which indicates RM Gold coins are of recent times overpriced, I wonder what would be a better investment in the long term in regards to purchasing either; Lunar Year of the Rat 2020 United Kingdom Five-Ounce Silver Proof priced @ £420, OR the Lunar Year of the Rat 2020 United Kingdom Quarter-Ounce Gold Proof Coin priced @ £510. I do rather like the design (and I am one fussy mare), ha.
  6. In regards to 'Mintage' @trp, coins that so far interest me are; - Silver Piedfort. - Royal related. - Gold Proof if they really catch my attention with Mintage / Coin Design / Packaging - Quirky ranges like 'The Snowman 2018' for example (Silver Proof being 15,000). Quite a difference to 'Remembrance Day 2019 Silver Proof Piedfort' with a Mintage of 775. Then there is 'Paddington at the Palace 2018 Silver Proof' with what seems like an insanely high Mintage of 60,000. Shame, because I like the bold colours set against the Silver. The presentation box with a Mintage of 3000 seems much more like a worthwhile investment (although I might want to always keep it), ha. Of course I have now come across 'The Coin Connection'. Already on the Royal Mint, got my first delivery today, including the Gold Proof Brexit coin. Seems to be selling frequently on eBay for almost and in some cases double. Think I will hold onto mine. Certainly was an experience trying to get one (website crashing and the like). The Silver Proof Brexit seems to have a very high Mintage of 47,000. Surprised to see that 95% reserved within 6 days of going on sale. I guess with Brexit being such a monumental situation, interest will much wider than usual. I have adjusted my Royal Mint preferences @trp. How long in advance do they usually tell the public of a new range? Subscription on here seems like a good idea. Thank you for the pointer Jim.
  7. Thank you for the welcomes @CadmiumGreen, @Agpanda, and @trp. Much appreciated
  8. Good afternoon fellow Silver forum Ladies and Gentlemen. Jim from London here. With my interest in collecting the recent released Brexit coins a new hobby is born. I did many many years ago have a similar hobby of collecting and selling on old vinyl and CD's, so have that collecting streak (stamps as a young boy) in me. And now to nurture my interest in collectible coins. I did read some comments on a thread last night in regards to the Brexit coins, and they seemed pretty bleak in regards to mintage, design, etc, so it seems I have a lot to learn, which will make this new journey of mine all that more enjoyable. A few initial questions to start off with; 1. When we wish to sell, where is best to trade / Can we trade on this forum? 2. What would you consider to be a 'low' Mintage? 3. Aside from Royal Mint, where are the best most reputable places to purchase? 4. How long is it generally when we are able to know of a new coin / coin range becoming available? I think that is enough questions for now. Exciting times