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  1. Nothing wrong with paying over spot if you really like the item as a collector or if you believe the spot price will go up over time as an experienced investor.
  2. I am on a wolf hunt! Now where might my prey be? If you have this round with Box and CoA and you wish to sell it then please send me a PM. Shipping will be done to a US adress.
  3. Anyone here who might have this precious little owl? Please PM if you have one with box and CoA that you wish to sell.
  4. So, who’s got the owl? =D PM if you have one with Box and CoA that you wish to sell. Shipping will be done to a US adress.
  5. Guess we will have to wait until Monday then. Yet it does indeed sound like this company is legit.
  6. How much time has passed since you sent the email? (If you sent it today then beware of the weekend).
  7. Indeed. Which is why this forum is so invaluable to new stackers/collectors because you can read and avoid the misstakes/traps we older/veteran stackers had to deal with later on. Some examples are buying VAT bullion silver, buying slabbed coins that then milk spot to ruin or just paying insane premiums for PMs on ebay that are still sold at a mint/dealer.
  8. Still, that 1 Oz is 1 Oz more than what most people have in terms of investment silver and like stated already, one has to start somewhere. Not to mention most people don’t find out about VAT free silver until much later, and so if you buy from eg Europeanmint you are already 25% ahead of the usual new buyers.
  9. Glad to hear it! Hopefully a member will try it out in the future (I might if I don’t find the item I seek anywhere else).
  10. To me it sounds like it has tarnished after it was graded. However APMEX should have been aware of its condition when selling it. Have you checked that they did not state it was damaged when you ordered it? If they did not then I would contact their support and try to have it returned and refunded/exchanged for a new one. Downside is that this can be difficult as from what I can read, their return policy only lasts for 7 days.
  11. True, yet I try to avoid buying from sites I can’t find any reviews on.
  12. Hiss! You were never around when you were needed pre 2018! xD Jokes aside, the Mintshield appears to work so far.
  13. I would try to have it returned unless it said it was damaged when you ordered it. Can be tricky though if you recieved it weeks ago.
  14. Nope I have not. It would be great if someone who can read/understand czech tried it out.