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  1. Well at least if you ask him you will know for definite what he wants to do, not what you speculate he might want to do. Plus, you will have a clean conscience.
  2. Yes, that is what they said. I went for the 3 coin silver proof, initially the order said 3 coin series but, like your good selves, had £65 as opposed to £60 for the first. I now see it has updated to £60 but only mentioned the megalosaurus coin. But the price has been corrected and I have the correct invoice emailed, so content for now!
  3. Thanks to @ittle5huggy for the RM Lunar Horse. Great job, thanks to all.
  4. Update - 2017 Rooster thanks to @NikolaAnne. 2014 RM Horse is the only one I need to get now. Thanks to everyone so far.
  5. I'd take one RM 1oz Silver Rooster for £18.
  6. Update - got 2016 monkey thanks to @SmallSilverStacker. Still looking for 1oz silver 2014 Horse and 2017 Rooster if anyone seeking to offload at decent price i.e. cheaper than ebay!
  7. Obviously demand is high and looks set to sell out in silver as well as gold. Do you think they would do another run of this, or increase mintage on the 2nd and 3rd in the series?
  8. Looking to see if anyone is looking to offload 1oz silver Royal Mint Lunar 2014 Horse, 2016 Monkey and/or 2017 Rooster (Individually or all three together). I know they are not everyone's cup of tea, but my daughter loves the 2018 dog so going to try and backdate the set if prices are reasonable. PM or reply to thread. Thanks 2014 Royal Mint Lunar Horse (Purchased - thanks to @ittle5huggy) 2016 Royal Mint Lunar Monkey (Purchased - thanks @SmallSilverStacker) 2017 Royal Mint Lunar Rooster (Purchased - thanks to @NikolaAnne)
  9. I'm new to collecting and I like both the RM and Perth Lunar series. Looking at some of the prices on ebay, the RM ones do seem to be *currently* reselling well. As I'm new, I am going to backdate the RM Lunar in more of a collection style (1 item per year). However, as the Perth Lunar series 3 has just started in 2020, I am contemplating getting multiples in 1oz silver bullion. As per OP, interested to hear thoughts on both lunar sets.
  10. @BackyardBullion I notice that while EuroMint accept pound sterling, that it is cheaper to do the transaction in euros (if you can avoid exchange fees etc). What method would people be using to reduce cost in exchange?
  11. I have just recently taken an interest in silver coins, I like the idea of collecting but knowledge is very much in its infancy! The site looks like a great resource, so looking forward to getting some research going. Cheers
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