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  1. I totaly agree with you. It's the paper market thats messed up at the moment and causing issue with physical.
  2. ^^ Understood and makes total sense thanks for the explenation.
  3. Lads BBP is open for business again! prices seem good too.
  4. Haha your profile pic says it all!
  5. To be honest and in my option, the way I see it is…. it’s all a gamble really and no one can accurately predict future prices. So if these massive dealers (i.e. they sell bullion by the million) have stock and the price goes down then why are they closing trading? Who cares what they purchased it for in the first place. Doesn’t seem fair to me. I’m assuming this is all to do with the ‘paper’ and physical markets being so far out from each other 🤷‍♂️
  6. Just thought I’ll pop in and check the latest with Silver prices etc…(as I do every morning) Shocked to see the BBP are not trading! I wonder if other suppliers will follow?
  7. @Jakeyboy987 It may help if your pictures had a note with your username and the current date (as per forum rules). Good luck!
  8. Hi Mate, I got them both and im also in sunny Hampshire. 👍
  9. Finally managed to get my hands on a 1KG coin! Anyone know if there are other sizes for this coin in 2015? (I can only find the 1KG 10oz and 1oz) Also can someone recommend in a presentation box for these?
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