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  1. @BackyardBullion is this still the best way to remove milk spots from silver?
  2. Welcome @billywillys I've only stacked Silver thus far, but now I really want to start getting some gold. Like you it's tough for me as I had the chance to buy gold a few years back when it was much cheaper but thought it was too expensive at the time 😱 Good luck with your stack!
  3. Welcome to TSF! you'll love it here, I wish I knew about this place 5 years ago when I first started stacking Silver. I made a lot of mistakes and paid a lot in VAT 😕 Good luck with stacking! 😀
  4. @Tattoedamat Welcome to TSF. Oh yes VAT free silver has been a thing for me personally for the last 5 years. Best place to start would be the group orders made with the europeanmint.com via @BackyardBullion BYB led me here through watching his YouTube channel. Although I purchased most of my VAT-Free silver back in 2015 through Silver-to-go Enjoy! 👍
  5. @20JMK20 Welcome to TSF, for your questions.....have a nose about the forum and you'll get an idea for your answers. My take/opinions is below in blue: 1. When we wish to sell, where is best to trade / Can we trade on this forum? Yes, for sure, this is in face one of the main reasons for me joining. 2. What would you consider to be a 'low' Mintage? 500 or less on speciality coins (like the one in my profile pic) 3. Aside from Royal Mint, where are the best most reputable places to purchase? Firstly, here on the forum (you'd want to grab a subscription ideally) there are regular group orders being made by @BackyardBullion from the European Mint (europeanmint.com) also many reputable dealers are also part of this forum. I've also personally used, Silver-to-go / First Coin Company / Power Coin / HotCo / Bullion By Post, with no issues (however this was all prior to finding out about this forum 🙂) 4. How long is it generally when we are able to know of a new coin / coin range becoming available? You need to sign up to dealer newsletters and keep an eye out on this forum as well as check collectors etc.. on YouTube
  6. I also bought 5 (max purchase per order) of the Churchill ones. Had no idea that you can’t cash in on them with the bank.
  7. fireblade4life

    eBay case.

    As with everyone else here, anything sold on eBay goes via recorded delivery as a minimum Silver or otherwise. I also alway update the tracking number for the buyer to view.
  8. @Robda1986 (*I think*) It's to do with the resolution and averages, on a 6 month view you get 4-5 price reading for the day, on a 1 year view you only get the 1 average price displayed for that day. I also use BBP for looking up the silver price as I like how the graph is displayed.
  9. @Madstacks Thats some history you got there ^^ very nice.
  10. Just over 5 years now 🙂 100% in silver.
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome eveyone 🙂
  12. Hey @DeltaYankee I've just signed up recently myself and there is a ton info good info here, enjoy!