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  1. hi i have 11 2013 gold sovereigns avaliable from tuesday i have a final value listing offer on ebay for a pound and will put on there but thought would offer them here first 285 each my best price + sd costs around £6 i think i will put pictures up of coins and on scales or what ever you want but i cant do that till tuesday
  2. I have seen that on a few coins on ebay some make claims that its rare and been signed buy the actual mint but I believe them all to be copies I have probs seen at least 9 of these in the last 2 months on Ebay
  3. Ok no worries I would like 1200 for the coin but I am open to offers if that's allowed
  4. I have a 1823 double sovereign just wanted to see if there was any interest maybe sell or swap no rim damage or sign of mount
  5. I'm after a sovereign checker the one that deals with witdth and size and weight? I know the fisch does, does anyone have one for sale or could direct me to where I maybe able to get one many thanks
  6. Yeah thanks I'm pretty pleased seems like a bargain let's hope itas good in the flesh
  7. Not the best condition but not a bad price I dont think
  8. I'm after a 1823 sovereign on Ebay it's a bit better than fine what would you say would be a sensible offer ?