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  1. I have two boxed festival of Britain coins I'm after £35 for the pair and will include first class postage
  2. I had both sets 1980 to 2014 Christmas set on the isle of man and 1988 to 2014 christmas set on the Gibraltar I know nothing about them
  3. Well that's my mind blown 64 50p pieces listed on ebay some already bid over 100 pounds and I have just turned down offers in excess of 160 pounds for various individual coins I'm either mad in the head or they are lol
  4. hi would some one be able to help with a valuation i have two full sets of christmas 50p 1 set 1980 to 2014 isle of man and the other set is 1980 to 2014 gibraltor christmas 50p i believe them to be mainly uncirculaded not in eclosed though and some may have been in circulation but limited they include the very rare ones any help with a valuation would be great
  5. I have 1 1902 and 2 2013 want 440 for all 3including special delivery or 148 each with postage extra THESE ARE NOW SOLD
  6. Yeah is listed on ebay but got bids so will leave it run
  7. Sorry troy i have just seen this I'm sorry but it as been sold
  8. 2001 gold proof full sovereign includes box and cert £350 includes speciel delivery to uk offers welcome
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