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  1. A couple of £5 Platinum proof 3oz Piedforts on ebay at the moment a little (relatively speaking) over spot if anyone interested, just thought id share here as there isn't a general PM opportunities thread.
  2. This 1859 Full and half sov, put together as a set ... very happy 😊
  3. Just took receipt of the 1/4 oz Gold and the three 1/4oz Plat and they look stunning 😄 not had a chance to have a close look yet or photos etc. Nice touch, the gold and one of the platinums has the same COA number and I also have the next one in the sequence for the plat. Think I might send one Platinum back but will wait until I've inspected.
  4. They’ve just updated the website, opens at 9am if anyone interested
  5. Hi all, new to the forum and reasonably new to coins. I took the decision at the beginning of the year to diversify my investment portfolio into coins that I really like. I got sucked in a bit with the brexit coins frenzy (and broke my first rule of picking ones I really like, but I do have a small collection of sovereigns and it was a good edition to that, the 50p seemed an obvious if not expensive edition)... however, I really like the new Britannia and had been waiting for it and have gone for: 3 x 1/4oz Platinum (The mintage seemed so low and it seemed a good price). 1 gold 1/4oz .... and the 5oz Gold 😬 I mused over getting sets and smaller coins but I just think the coin will be amazing in a 50mm dia thats me spent up for now...
  6. Hi all, recently joined. Ive been collecting the odd Sovereign for a few years. Picked up one of the Silver Proof Una’s earlier in the year (Tried for a gold 2oz at the arM without luck) and now hooked (hoping to complete the collection in silver), also putting together an eu withdrawal collection of each of the coins (ive been able to pick up all through deals and found myself ‘only paying’ about 15% over what they were sold by the RM at. I’ll post a photo when ive got them together in a display case (if anyone know someone that makes custom coin cases please let me know!) thanks, Mike