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  1. Everything pertaining to precious metals is measured in troy ounces.
  2. I'm actually looking for weight, not any specific coin or year. Thanks for the clarification, but... Most sites have 1 oz gold kruggerands at over 1600 euros. Only one other site(that I could find) charges below that, at 1555. So again, why so cheap?
  3. https://www.bairdmint.com/products/1oz-south-africa-gold-krugerrand I've been trying to figure out why this coin has only a 40 euro premium. Can anyone explain the price? Is it the year/condition of the coin?
  4. From my understading, VAT will be applied at checkout if you decide to take delivery. Prices do not look very appealing after a 20% increase.
  5. And now all common silver coins are sold out at https://www.europeanmint.com/silver-bullion/. Not a good time to start my silver stacking journey...
  6. @RisinSunplease inquire the post office about the cost of shipping to Romania. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the instant reply I added it to my cart a few days ago and it showed the 20 euro discount, but now it shows Coupon code "BYB20" is not valid. Do you know of any other discount code available now? Thanks
  8. Hey guys, hey @BackyardBullion I tried using the 20 euro discount code but it is not working anymore - it was valid a few days ago. Do you have any idea what happened? Thanks
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