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  1. Anyone an idea why these are so scarce? They are supposed to be bullions and minted in the millions... still they carry a high premium and they are not to be fou d on the secondary market.
  2. Anyone has a piece as I would prefer to buy from here as bullion can be tricky to buy online. unicorn or dragon for now. thanks
  3. Hello, i am looking for a 1 oz queen’s beast Bullion. unicorn or dragon. In mint to very good condition. anyone has this and want to part with it? Thanks
  4. You can translate the website. they have some premium pricing but they have great Poland mint pieces too
  5. I think that with these Queen coins ... you have more “error” coins than perfect ones. 😂🤣😅
  6. Why would you trust ebay and not à emmener of the community who has excellent feedback and has been here for a long time? I don’t get it. it is a genuine question
  7. If quality controls where that good and exceptional... there would only be PF70 and no need of slabbing and grading proof coins. unfortunatly... this is not the case...