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  1. Hello, welcome from Brussels. !
  2. Welcome welcome to the silver forum! huge welcome from Brussels.
  3. To add to this, most Parisian dealers who sell graded coins, will sell with the same kind of holder.
  4. Hello, i wonder if you where to Dubai and what your opinion on gold was. how was gold at airport? many thanks
  5. Ok i get it. now my opinion is I would have contacted first the seller telling him a Mistake happened. And see from there. Perhaps he would be happy to pay for 2 times sending or perhaps he would gladly offer you the coin. at least let him know there was a mistake. Maybe someone who expect the 2012 coin received yours ? my two cents
  6. Mistakes happened. did you try to contact the seller or are you just happy with the mistake and don’t want to exchange?
  7. I saw that in your post and was laughing alone ...
  8. As in everything... I believe in mixing and balancing. Let me clarify : with food you would not only go out and have a 3 star michelin dinning every single meal. Or it wouldn’t be wise to go and only have fast food. You mix and match. One home made meal, one fast food, and perhaps once in a long time will you indulge yourself in a fabulous experience. The premiums on each menu is different, the amount of food you eat, the quality of them etc... now this brings me back to gold and silver. i believe in a wide exit strategy... and while I am playing, enjoying the ride. So I mix and match. Some pure beast gold, some nice silver, some proof sovs...some small gold from here and there... I have bullion, I have proof, I’m looking for constitutional silver ... have some poured silver to enjoy daily ... so back to your question, go for what you like and enjoy it will balance each other in your mistakes. well those are my two cents.
  9. If you have only that to eat... it would not even last 6 months. Depending on your household of course.
  10. Yes, I did pick that up. 😉 i wanted to know what physical change does that bring to those coins?
  11. What makes these sovs different than most other same year sovs? i must miss something here.
  12. What does tier 1 mean? Sorry for asking a newbee question. 😅
  13. I never considered it. But after watching your pictures, there is a brutality about it which seems interesting. Might consider it. Partly for the collecting purpose part for the stacker. many many thanks
  14. I started out with silver for this exact reason. And I always loved silver... as a metal.
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