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  2. I dont know how long it would actually be before they are posted but chards are showing 1kg metalor bars in stock at £530 and Britannia’s at £438 for a tube of 25.
  3. As soon as you add something to the basket it says trading currently unavailable do you can’t make any purchases.
  4. Bag of uncirculated 1967 half pennies may be a couple missing but there’s some weight. Originally £5 worth I believe. £50 + post open to offers. Will get a pic of the bag soon.
  5. Bought yesterday received today excellent service from even with vat was a good price imo. A few bits of silver from @agd too thank you!
  6. I managed to snag a 1kg bar from yesterday when silver was sub £10 but now everywhere I’ve checked is not currently accepting orders, madness. If prices had gone the other way I’m sure this would not be the case.
  7. Yea after having a look around I noticed a lot like that it was just the initial panic only one of 10 was like it 😆 and yes it’s quite nice condition. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Just having a sort out and noticed the 1966 I have had a thicker rim than my others, weight size etc is all correct and it’s from bullionbypost so pretty sure it’s not fake is this just how some are or any advice please. Sorry for poor photos. I have put next to another for comparison.
  9. These look incredible can someone link me please.
  10. Yea recently I’ve noticed 2 on eBay like this and one from a private seller all with this connected bubble type 3 so I don’t think it’s a coincidence and like I say have only seen on the 37s
  11. Hi just wandered if anyone could tell me why the 3 on some William IV sovereigns is more of a blob on the top part the way it’s connected, is it just a dodgy run of mints? I’ve only noticed it on the 1837s but about 3-4 I’ve seen now are like this, thanks.
  12. A few old coins, lucky token and Vic anniversary coin, don’t really know if these are worth anything to anyone? Open to offers.
  13. For sale £150 posted SD or would exchange for half sovereign. Condition is very good looks to have a couple of smudges which should wipe off I’m not going to risk scratching the coin by doing so though.
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