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  1. That’s a bit of a shame but I guess it’s the gamble you take with them being used, they sold out before I decided to pull the trigger.
  2. 1992 1993 EU Presidency Coin 22ct 26 Grams. From a friend who has had this coin from new, the pictures are poor and has dust on the coin which should clean off no problem, I will update once done. Looking for £1100 PP F&F or BT Thanks for looking.
  3. If you buy 25+ are they likely to come in a tube?
  4. Only about 6 months so far got a about 2 oz of gold in sovereigns and chains and only 5 ish oz of silver, it’s a rather expensive newly acquired hobby 😁
  5. matt1r

    eBay case.

    Just my bit of input. I’ve been selling on eBay 15+ years, the 30 day money back guarantee will no longer apply so as long as the case is opened after 30 days eBay will side with the seller 9 out of 10 times, if a case was open In The 30 day period...good luck...so any problems try and deal with through eBay....If a case is opened through PayPal instead it may prove more of problem for you as the buyers protected for 6months.
  6. Where is this available I can only see the 5gram on cpm. The markup is nothing compared to the coins and would be nice to put away for my nephew for the future.
  7. Picked up this lil beauty today.