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  1. I work with the elderly and to be honest I see these things as an awkward pain in the arse. If you’re doing a lot of shopping they might not be the best thing for your back as you twist to use them and you’ll notice it with a decent amount of weight in there. The wheels are generally terrible too and they don’t do well at speed, mainly cause they’re designed for little old ladies who can’t walk fast A good backpack will spread the weight onto your hips. Look for hiking backpacks or army surplus, I used to them in the navy and believe me the can make a load feel like half the weight. you’ll also open yourself up to 100% less chance of ridicule
  2. How many10oz coins do you want for this?
  3. If these are still available after the 18th of February I’d very much like them and could transfer funds that day
  4. 1 month. 45oz silver and a half sovereign so far
  5. Hi, could I have the 4 predator coins if still available? also I’d like a skull, 4 coin capsules and the coin tube
  6. Guys than you very much for the advice, I had no idea about the European dealers and was going to get most of my silver from the royal mint. You’ve saved me huge amounts of money, I can’t thank you all enough
  7. So I’ve only just got into silver and gold. I’ve been watching a lot of content and YouTube and have what I think is a good plan, but I’m guessing you guys could tear it apart which I’d appreciate so far I have 17x 1oz silver coins (5 Britannia’s, 5 Maples and 7 landmarks of Britain) and a half sovereign I have a budget of £300 a month. I intend to use this as long term savings. My plan is to buy the following on alternating months month 1- A half sovereign and 7 around silver coins, probably Britannia’s or something generic month 2- full sovereign is this a reasonable way to be buying on this budget? Also can anyone give me advice on where to buy sovereigns or 1oz silvers coins. So far I’ve brought from eBay and the royal mint thanks in advance