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  1. Viga

    The coming Gold crash

    Dent as well has predicted that will go down to 400/600 before jumping to new record... I don’t know but I’m hoping so! I still need to buy a lot more, I only started couple of years ago. I will be start buying when goes back at 39£ And keep buying from there though!
  2. Pretty sure 29600 it’s more around 75% of the spot... I hope he meant 39600!
  3. Thanks for the infos, and definitely I’ll check the first post. Really interested in the kg bar though. Please let me know when you put it in sale...
  4. hello, how many and which QB 1oz are left? also I noticed a silver bar, how many cast bar you have? thanks
  5. Viga

    Issues with GSBE

    I’m just starting out but as @Melon pointed out: It’s lesson for everyone . I ordered few days back my first order and I’m guilty of not recording myself. After reading this topic I will surely do. thanks hope they sort you out @AlphaBeast
  6. Viga


    Hello, I was looking for VAT free silver in UK and I ended up here It seemed a forum full of people with real knowledge so I decided to join. I also try one of your suggested websites (Gold to make an introduction order. Hope everything goes well... thanks for all the suggestion already posted
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