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  1. The cheapest I found is this at 0.41% premium on top of spot and postage included. I don't think that there is any cheaper 50gr combibar around.
  2. @silverroller @cncooke What are the prices?
  3. In hinsight everybody is an experienced economist
  4. Silver bars are taxed in Germany different to coins or coin bars. I believe you pay in Germany for new silver bars 19% tax and I think 7% on coins and on 1 kg bar coins imported from outside the EU only 19% tax on the profit. However for second hand silver bars you also pay 19% tax on profit and not on the whole sale price. So I am guessing that silver bars are quite rare in Germany and there may be more demand than offer on these bars due to the rarity compared to common coins that are minted in the millions like for example Bullion Britannias. So I am assuming that as a new dealer you may want to offer a product that not many others offer. But the best thing to clarify the issue is to ask the dealer himself.
  5. In the late 60's and early 70's Charles de Gaule tried to get as many dollars as possible to buy gold back from the USA. Now some nations (i.e. Germany, Poland, etc) have started repatriating their gold from London, New York and Paris not long ago and other nations are following example. Countries like China, Russia, India, etc are buying as much gold as they can get hold off. China is even massively underestimating the amounts of gold they own so not to draw attention from the USA. Something is going to happen soon...
  6. What is the price? Added 0 minutes later... How much for?
  7. Thanks. I also saw them at Coin Invest. They have them for around £2050 (£41)
  8. 50 x 1g Gold CombiBar from Valcambi or Degussa wanted. Will pay by bank transfer. Please let me know what you have. May consider alternatives. Thanks
  9. Thank, looking forward to receive the coin. I am pretty sure it looks better in person than in the pictures. Thanks again. Regards.