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  1. Well I moved back after living on the wirral for 10 years. Now my view is the mountains and have lots of fresh air (and rain). Silverdocket - Ireland, the one place it rains more than Wales. No wonder we have a bit of a pond between us. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
  2. Just found the site. Sorry to say i was wrong. It said no vat but in the fine print, that's only if they store it ?
  3. Don't buy on eBay as it's always far over priced. Its cheaper to buy online after comparing. 1 kg eBay is about £530 1kg online (best I've found) £470
  4. Hi, I'm Steve from the Gwynedd area in Wales. Bought a few kg of silver years ago and looking to expand my collection so thought I'd join up. I've read many posts and am thankful to all those people who have given great advice. I messed up when first bought and over paid I'm just lucky the prices are much higher now to offset that. So with the advice off here I'm now going to try again.