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  1. I said it was shifting away and has been in the process now for a long time. I am aware they own them BUT they are separating themselves from the paypal side https://www.vox.com/2018/1/31/16957212/ebay-adyen-paypal-payments-agreement
  2. I have had many many dealings with both ebay and paypal and imho they are bigger crooks than the crooks. Since their inception they have continued with paypal knowing that their system is fallible and can be used to defraud while still promoting it in a way that lets people believe they are part of the banking society. People are unaware that they are just a card reading machine with a global name that allows them to make up their own rules as they go along. They are truely shocking imho !!!
  3. Thinking I will sell what I have and buy a dog
  4. Really really interesting and good of you to relay the facts !!
  5. Peoples love for and faith in paypal is highlighted by ebays shift away from them which is currently happening I believe
  6. Around the edge, I picked this pic up off ebay after someone sent me over there to look, remember wondering if they came clean and you answered the question for me. Thanks
  7. @sovereignsteve Would this be what you are talking about ?
  8. Thats great will keep that in mind when looking at coins, great info !!
  9. @danmc82 cant you buy the 4 coin set and shed the others
  10. Thank you all very much I realise if they were to be stacked then I should be aiming 20/22 but I think I will give it a stab now I know I am not hanging myself. B
  11. @Madstacks I'm sorry I edited my post
  12. They are new not been out of the card they were packaged on. I want to start collecting a few coins and decided last week to try the Brits as they are not too taxing and I quite like them. Doubt they will ever be worth millions but it will give me something to focus on.