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  1. Quite, I should have kept my nose out really. I was simply addressing the original point in the OP " I feel like a right moany old git asking the seller to put in a claim (I am sure they have better things to be doing!)," I would do the same as you ie make a claim on the buyers behalf if requested but would prefer not to have the hassle if possible.
  2. But he has to enter into correspondence with the buyer and then transfer funds as requested, ok fine ten minutes £30/6 = £5 Added 0 minutes later... Personally if I had a tracking number and the item was a day or two late Id be happy to suck it up. Just me.
  3. Thats a bit of a tricky one, if the average wage is £20-£30 an hour and you ask the seller to spend 30min to make a claim on your behalf is it really fair on the seller?
  4. No obviously not a collector, why would they take a hit I agree, but depends how many get sold to people who mistakenly buy as an investment or to flip for a quick profit. I might be wrong perhaps they'ill be selling for £1200. Anyway it will be interesting to see how much they are trading for by the end of the year.
  5. https://www.kitco.com/news/2020-01-27/Palladium-to-hit-3-500-before-this-rally-is-over-Bank-of-America.html
  6. Im not an expert but I can see these selling at a big discount in 9 months
  7. They either want this to be a flop because the board are remoaners or they have fallen victim to their own (establishment) propaganda, ie Brexiteers are thick. Not something I'm interested at that price LOL
  8. How to turn 420k worth of gold into £1.2m. Do you think they want it to be a flop.
  9. @shuggyboy24 had a koala for sale a little while ago?
  10. Sorry Andy I wasn't suggesting you were expecting to buy at spot, just that someone advised me thats what metals sell for on here 😂
  11. I can't find any info on the brexit Sov, is it best to contact the mint or do they go on sale on their website on the day? Does anyone have a link? Im very green re numismatics.
  12. @AndyG80 You dont pay VAT from EU other than local taxes, European mint seems to be the keenest on price followed by goldsilver.be followed by silvertogo?. You could check out the trade pages here for kilo bars?? Or buy scrap junk silver on eBay? PS unless you are a dealer you're most likely be paying over spot especially with the white metals, you have fabrication costs, delivery X2, taxes, insurance the idea you can buy white metal at spot in any sort of quantity at the click of a mouse is ridiculous.
  13. Donning my armchair Barrister wig for a moment... Judge @5huggy presiding. I put it to you members of the Silver forum The Royal Mint are not a private company. And such are clearly obliged to comply with FOI legislation. It is not for Mr McDade to invent his own custom definition in these matters. I rest my case M'lud, members of the forum.