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  1. Today I bought 🤣 BT, Anglo American, Barclays, Spoons (bit late ugg), and IAG. Hopefully I will get my money back before I retire. I still see this market going lower but I believe they are all relatively sound businesses. I still have enough dry powder for further falls but I know eventually fiat is going to dust so any assets are going to be better than monopoly money. Criticism of above picks with rational very very welcome.
  2. For patient (real) money I use Hargreaves Lansdown, you can open all sorts of accounts in one place, SIPP, Share ISA, cash savings from various providers. Sometimes their spreads may not be the tightest but close enough for me. Also they pay divs into account, and pass on any perks from pref shares. IG index for short term trades, basically spread betting where I want a position for up to a couple of months, invariably it's less than that. Added 0 minutes later... Might be of interest.
  3. China and Japan both aiming for a hydrogen based economy, so apart from being 10x rarer than Gold Platinum also has intrinsic value as a catalyst in "fuel cells" Platinum under 1K is a no brainer, which is handy for me. Added 0 minutes later... https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/10-countries-moving-towards-a-green-hydrogen-economy
  4. Bought some IAG this morning thanks to @Kman banging on about them. Im not a bull but they are cheap.
  5. Absolutely, if you are paying dividends with borrowed money it's a ponzi scheme.
  6. Why don't people elect to take delivery from Comex?
  7. The stats are so fatally flawed even a layman can see the data is next to useless. Does anyone have figures on monthly Global/National mortality rates this year versus previous years?
  8. How big is your short position wonger?
  9. Thats terrible and I certainly don't doubt what you say, but the stats for New York are reported to be 1 death per 5,000 population. Either a very big street or very unlucky. Are there a lot of old people on your Street @Pampfan?
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