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  1. lower fees but 0 protection for buyer in case of non arrival since technically you didnt pay for something you just sent money to your friend
  2. potato , potato and whisky in school trip sounds awesome
  3. if you noticed i asked for the pricing criticism because thats the best way we learn , also spot price kinda went up quite a bit since september. thirdly shylok is a character from a shakespeare play "merchant of venice" who was a loan shark , and since then its the metaphore or nickname for "greedy" jew in money business , i think its funny and i like the nickname Added 0 minutes later... no i mean shylok from the merchant of venice by william shakespeare , i have always been a money maker on online games and thus thats the nickname which got stuck to me
  4. bump , willing to take offers as well , especially interested in a philharmonic that is in good condition
  5. nice find! out of curiousity , whats the value of such a piece?
  6. im in europe about every other week so we can sort something out without import charges
  7. i have a 10z maple , id be willing to trade , what'd you offer?
  8. went to your website when i saw your post and wanted to buy some piece only to find out you dont ship to my location
  9. i have acquired this beauty from a guy who was short in cash at spot when it was around 1430$ and i belive its time to cash in the profit on it so i can invest in other stuff willing to entertain offers in the 1800$ -1850$ range OR offers for trades (mainly interested in good state gold philharmnics) although i am registered from israel both my stuff and my banking operations etc are inside the eu so it wont be an issue , i assume the cost of standard basic shipping , buyer bears it if he wants any upgrades also , despite it being against forum rules , if you do have a constructive comment on my pricing i would appreciate it either here or in DM as we are all here to learn eventually
  10. hello mate and welcome! i personally take my stacking decisions based mostly on how much i like/care about the piece , if im going to be stuck with it for long time i want it to at least stimulate my brain a bit p.s philahermonic is my favourite!
  11. welcome mate i too have succumbed to that urge