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  1. i have some perth mint bars in assay card you can have if you want
  2. there is a saying in arabic that goes " he gives you from the camel the ear , and you call him generous". on the opposing side of this gracious act , how many acts of him and his entourage robbing the national funds occured?
  3. my bad bro , i saw that few days passed and wrongly assumed you gave up , appologies
  4. pics and how much you looking to get for it?
  5. hey there , im after acquiring about 5 oz of gold in total so looking to buy pieces of 1 oz or 1/2 , looking to pay as close to spot as possibe. also looking to buy some nice coins from the year 1909 (must be this year) let me know what you got
  6. all right ty for update , id appreciate if you let me know in case anything frees up
  7. can you confirm which 1 oz are still available and whats current price?
  8. gold , i know you marked off the sold ones but it was bit scattered and as i wrote my ocd was giving me trouble , if you are too busy or if its too much of a time investment ill swallow the pill , i have sent you a pm also
  9. is it possible to get a new summary of what you have left ? the chaos is hurting my ocd please ofcourse
  10. lower fees but 0 protection for buyer in case of non arrival since technically you didnt pay for something you just sent money to your friend
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