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  1. For the UK dealers at least, the seller of 1oz Krugs at the lowest price, is the lowest £ per gram of pure gold you'll get for coins. If you swap to gold bars you will usually get a lower premium, especially on the larger items, but you also get a lower premium when liquidating as gold bars have a significantly smaller market than coins. You can sell sovs, brits and krugs for spot all day long as there's always a market for gold coins at spot price. Gold bars at spot, not so much, unless it's a nice piece like Pamp.
  2. That right there is everything (ok, much of) what's wrong with Ebay. Idiot users ! Being the sarcastic bugger that I am I would be tempted to reply to that with "did you view the listing with a blindfold on?" or similar. How can they have not "realised the state it is in" from those high-res photos ffs ? If it was "very dear at £30" and "not even worth half that", why did they buy it? It's pretty obvious where this is heading : you will offer to refund them 50% or they will file a 'not as described' case and you'll lose the silver and your money. Check their feedback and read the comments left by sellers. You can often spot false positives in the wording if they too got messed around.
  3. goldking

    New VS Pre-owned Gold

    What did they say when you rang them about the issue? Many companies these days list an email address on their website just for show purposes and don't actually read anything that gets sent to it.
  4. Both of these are way overpriced, but that's the norm for BBP. Use Darren's gold comparison site to see who's the cheapest. You can toggle with/without delivery price included down at the bottom. http://goldprice.eu5.net/
  5. Yes, as the buyer, I'd probably do the same after some grumbling. But being apathetic over it gives RM the green light that it's okay for them to deliver items whenever they feel like it without any consequence, hence why I believe it's important to take the time required to lodge a claim to show them that it's unacceptable and hold them to account. The only way to make these organisations take notice is to hit them in the pocket.
  6. If I was the seller and the buyer had paid for RMSD and the item didn't arrive by the stated time, I would see it as my duty to lodge a claim and compensate the buyer. Timescales and UK average hourly pay would not come into it.
  7. goldking

    New VS Pre-owned Gold

    Not the usual suspects for 'questionable' coin quality then.
  8. goldking

    New VS Pre-owned Gold

    Is that the dealer where one could have a lot of pleasure if one were to go to the beach, or the dealer that sells metals from their back garden?
  9. Another climb today to £1216.56. Up over £15 toz in 48 hours.
  10. Am I the only one here thinking that the sellers are claiming the late delivery compensation and pocketing it themselves?
  11. The CGT stuff on coins is scaremongering nonsense in reality. You have a yearly allowance for starters so unless you have a ton of them you need to liquidate in one go you're not going to have a problem with CGT. It's also easy enough to offload them without going through 'official' channels.
  12. The storage costs on silver would quickly overtake what it's actually worth.
  13. goldking

    Gold on its way up

    Holy cr4p . That was unexpected! Spiked straight up to £1214 from £1201 at opening.
  14. Good work Darren. I regularly have your page open all day to monitor the prices. Some of the sites are cheeky in showing what initially appears to be a good price, but when you click through you find that the price is actually per coin, but only if you're buying 50 . Chards might have been one of them but can't remember now. Just looking at Chards site now, they have an inconsistency - shows a Krug for 1214.24 per 1, but in the box underneath it's 1218.45 per 1. !