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  1. Coming back to GoldSilver.be, I would like visit them this Spring. I have found a not much clear page: https://goldsilver.be/en/content/4-a-propos where are showed two shops, I think. Have someone visited them? Which is the most interesting to visit? At least for the parking I would prefer the shop that is at Avenue Lavoisier 18, in Wavre, but I cannot understand why the GPS coordinates point to "INLOC International".
  2. Yes, me too, but they told to me that they no longer accept transfers from Revolut and Transferwise while they can accept them from Starling and Monzo as they are UK banks in their own right. May be Revolut and TW are using an intermediate financial medium to communicate with UK banks. I really do not know what happens but I hope this will be solved very soon. I fear that the same trouble are being experienced in UK towards EU.
  3. Unfortunately also Revolut is not accepted now by the same UK firms who has refused me to use TW. I know TW is working to solve this, but I fear it will need time.
  4. (May be this does not relate all this thread, but I have become aware that TW is no more accepted by some UK firms. They recommend now Starling and Monzo, that unfortunately are not opened to EU people. So be careful in using it in these confused days in all relations UK-EU and the other way around.)
  5. WOW! Really many thanks. I hope to return the courtesy.
  6. Good eve. Please, this discount code may be it is available for anyone? In a positive case, where can I find it? Thanks!