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  1. Whats your user id on ebay?
  2. So Maples are prone to spots?
  3. sliver99

    mad 4 silver

    Thanks for the headsup on the weekend sales, which makes it a perfect time to buy!
  4. sliver99

    mad 4 silver

    The site has good prices, anybody know if this ebay storefront belongs to the site owner? https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/mad4silver
  5. Just bought my first silver coins a couple of weeks ago, i hope the sellers i'm buying from are testing for fakes
  6. The seller also has a high amount of positive feedback, yet they are selling fakes. This really puts me off from ordering from Ebay
  7. On the Facebook group? I've subscribed, just waiting for confirmation
  8. Are there any other sites i can order 1oz of these for UK delivery?