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  1. I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this question , but I am looking at getting a couple custom graphite molds made for projects I’m working on . Does anyone know of a good source in the USA?
  2. I poured these guys the last few days. .999 fine silver , 1 Troy ounce each. . ( give or take .02 grams ) I am only making a limited run of 10 of these treasure coins in 2020 from the original sculp I made. Each one will be unique do to the cast being destroyed in the process. Hand numbered and stamped . This is numbers . #01 through #04 (#01 sold as I was writing this ) For a limited time $50.00 each , Free shipping in the US. I can also ship international , but it costs more depending where . I take PayPal and Venmo I am located in Southern California .
  3. I’m pretty stoked with this piece I just hand poured . It seems like whatever new piece i make or buy Is my favorite. I’m sure tomorrow it will be something new .
  4. So finally after some more practice , and a few re- melt and pours , I got a really nice bar . It is 1.5 Troy ounces of .9999 silver grain from Apmex. Melted really nice ,and with the preheating of the mold , it flowed well without jumping out. I’m pretty pleased with it . so now I will stamp the weight and purity , plus my maker’s marks. I will try to make a few more and see if I can sell them to my friends or online to fund more silver to melt .
  5. I am selling or trading some things to get more silver and gold to cast . I have this graded Morgan dollar that has some natural album toning . I have a better graded one , so I can let this one go to e new home now . Graded by ICG MS63 . Either $65.00 (shipping included)or trade for 3 ounces of 999 silver , or 4 ounces of .925 scrap, or 1 gram of 999 gold. I would also consider some 14k scrap.( I use it to make jewelry)
  6. So with a little practice ,and re-melting the oops bars, I think I’ve been able to shake off some cobwebs from not pouring in a while . Here is a .925 bar that I poured . It’s over an ounce but less than two. Its definitely easier pouring more than an ounce . I tried some one ounce bars and they came out rough . So I will have to try again with those . But I’m having fun and think once I get it down a little better , I will move up to the .999 stuff. I am currently looking for more .925 scrap to try and make some bigger bars . Then I can probably sell them after I stamp and make them pretty .
  7. Rmust619

    Found Silver Coins

    The coins may be worth a look for better dates and conditions . I help people in Southern California sell their collections quite often . when people find something like this, and aren’t a collector , what I usually suggest is to sell the coins for the silver or numismatic value and keep the big bars for future investment . Then You can either take the cash , or trade the small silver for gold coins or bars . That way if you need some extra money in the future , you can easily sell the big silver and gold a lot quicker than piecing our small parts of the collection .
  8. I will probably list some coins online to raise funds to get larger amounts . I have to go through my collection .
  9. Anyone know of good places to buy silver shot for close to spot ? Seems like a lot of places charge a bit in premium plus shipping . I am also fine with cutting up bars and rounds . I’m looking for about 10 ounces right now .
  10. I’m definitely rusty . But now with easy access to video , I can watch my mistakes afterward and laugh a bit .
  11. Hey everybody , just thought I would post some of my adventure in casting and pouring silver . I used to make jewelry and had access to a nice foundry and workshop. But I had to step away from metals because I had to focus on work and running a nonprofit organization . Anyway, I figured I would start crafting some silver again at home . I made a little furnace out of fire bricks and still have my graphite crucibles and some other supplies. Here is my third attempt at hand pouring a small bar . ( the first attempt was really bad , and the second one ended up with me spilling a bunch of silver out of the mold onto the concrete in my back yard. Maybe I’ll post the video of my oops moments as a learning experience ) I am starting out with .925 silver scrap before stepping up to the .999. My plan is to maybe sell some of my hand poured items to fiends and family , or maybe online if I have time . Any comments or criticisms are gladly accepted .
  12. ticket #10 here is a link to an item I listed
  13. I have been sluicing, drywashing, and panning for gold over the last decade and have some small gold nuggets and flakes in a small glass vial . I would like to trade for some silver bars, coins, or silver grain for casting . I would like to trade for 3 ounces of silver,and we each cover our own shipping . or I guess I would take $58.00 cash plus shipping. I could take PayPal or Venmo. If anyone is interested , send me a message or post here . I am in Southern California in San Diego County.
  14. Hello everyone . I found this forum from YouTube and backyard bullion . I have been collecting US coins and money for over 30 years. I like to sell, trade, and barter for gold and silver . I have been consulting and selling coins and metals for others for many years now to help them liquidate or refine their collections . I am also a tattoo artist in San Diego since 1998. I prefer to take gold and silver as payment for my artwork. Another thing I do is make standing cost racks . Im excited to see what flies on in this forum .