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  1. Hello and don't go to hard to soon or you'll burn out and keep within your budget no fun being forced to sell when your not ready to shiny things can get addictive
  2. Not mine but I've done my budget for the month not a bat price at moment
  3. It works out at roughly £30 per oz just seems abit top heavy when 2 weeks ago they were going for around the £600 mark or a little over £19 an oz
  4. Just seen this nice bar on eb y it would have to be nice to warrant that much dollar or am I out of wack with today's prices
  5. Im still interested in your tube of dragon coins if u haven't moved them on yet
  6. The isue I think your having is that paper silver is traded at spot price hence it being cheep its only a contract for silver not the phiscal where as phiscal silver is worth what the highest bidder will pay for it
  7. @Wonger gold hasn't dropped 300 today as you predicted yesterday
  8. If you get any offered you don't like point them in my direction
  9. I'd be interested in participating on the next order price depending always looking for a few extra bars
  10. Just went to register with them more personal information wanted than I'm prepared to divulge so I'll give them a miss. why do they need my dob. holding intentions. My current employment status.
  11. Went abit mental on bars o well ☺️ not bad given I stack shelfs for a job
  12. Sod this I'm buying before the reverse spike
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