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  1. That's kind of you, but I've since spent my allotted money on Gold this month, also managed to get a Sovereign under spot off of TSF from Domo, recommend him as a seller.
  2. There's also a copy from here https://m.alibris.co.uk/booksearch.detail?&_ptid=5Nv03vHgBCI&invId=15881456055&pisbn=9781908828361&pwork=2648299&utm_campaign=na&utm_medium=bookpricesite&utm_source=bookfinder With postage come to just over £27, but if you give e-mail it gives you a £3 voucher, hopefully towards the book.
  3. Your right sovereignsteve, excludes gold & bullion 😞, and me thinking I was gonna get a bargain, too good to be true, thanks for the reply though, much appreciated 👍.
  4. I'm new to stacking, less than two months, I mainly purchase gold bullion & have used the main dealers for my purchases, however e-bay has given me a 10% off anything coupon, so I am considering buying from them in the hope of getting a near or below spot price, something like sovereigns, European gold coins or 1/2oz coin, maximum discount is £75, my question is how to avoid any potential dodgy dealers or more importantly is there any dealers on e-bay TSF members can recommend. Thanks in advance
  5. Two months, 3oz gold, 50+ pre 1920 silver half crowns, going to stick mainly to gold, got gold fever, can't get enough of the stuff 😳
  6. I brought from them a few weeks ago & received after a few days, all well & good, I ticked the three boxes indicating that I did not wish to receive any marketing such as e-mails or post, so far so good, there is a seperate thread regarding ordering from them, I suggest you give that a read, I would be happy to use them again as you can't beat gold under spot price.
  7. Thank you Darr3nG, I am new to gold stacking & your site has been invaluable, saved me many a £ over the last few months.
  8. Just placed an order, still at £279, not often you can buy under spot, junk mail or not I'm in 😊