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  1. Not staying overnight got a direct flight with Thomas Cook Sport through Arsenal for £979 , ticket don't know until Monday But maybe £90 + car park at airport + food and lots of beer may be £1400 tops , bang goes my PMs for next month .
  2. Received this beauty from silverroller .
  3. Received these from arshimo2012.
  4. None I can get mugged in the High Street for free
  5. I usually get 3 letters a week , will send the next one back .
  6. A Gold 1oz Queens Beast Black Bull of Clarence . my first 1oz gold coin .
  7. Received these Thursday from The European Mint .
  8. They are still the cheapest sovereigns i've bought since December 2018 or pre June 2016 .
  9. Picked up today . 3 x Queens Beast 2 oz Silver Yales and 2 x Queens Silver 10 oz Bulls from The European Mint 😊 to continue each series .
  10. Went to place an order this morning with GS.be , shipping price has gone up to 29 euro .
  11. 17 orders without issue , they have been very helpful and given great service . unlike others that i have purchased from .
  12. A 10 oz Griffin , i bought one off the Forum which turned up with a cracked capsule so i sold it and bought this one 🙂
  13. Thanks @MikeSol . I missed out when the Ducat was released , was very pleased to pick this up 🙂
  14. I will take it if still available please
  15. I will take the Griffin if still available please .
  16. @Goldmick yes they are still on offer 🙂
  17. A 1/4 oz gold Queens Beast Falcon from Harrington Byrne , don't like the design but needed it for the date run .
  18. No haven't had a dispatch notice yet but this is the same as the two 2019 sovereign orders i placed , the coins just turned up two days after placing the orders. I have had no phone calls or emails just receive one letter a week .
  19. 1 x 2019 United Kingdom Falcon of the Plantagenets Quarter Ounce Gold . from Harrington and Byrne .
  20. Received one 2019 sovereign yesterday and the second order of two arrived today 🙂