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  1. I have multiple spares of each available . 2012 , 2013 , 2014 2015 and 2017. pm if required.
  2. When i bought my 1st soveriegns in the 70s who would have thought gold would acceed £1000 an ounce ?
  3. They also phoned me Friday , apparently they held some back to stop the flippers getting them all .
  4. A Brexit sovereign from the Royal Mint .
  5. Also saved £800 , not interested in this one .
  6. The 2018 is £343.93 at UK Bullion but with no box .
  7. I had two orders delivered last week , both by 1st class signed for .
  8. Ordered some today , cheap bullion below spot can't be bad .
  9. Could you tell me where you are buying sovs from at £265 delivered please .
  10. 1917c Canada Mint Sovereign and 2017 SOD Queens Sapphire Jubilee Sovereign at great prices from @Osborne01652 thanks
  11. Received some 2oz White Lions and a 10 oz Falcon The European Mint , thanks for the code @BackyardBullion also three Perth Lunar 3 mice thanks @arshimo2012
  12. Don't think i will purchase due to the high mintage
  13. I requested them to return my postage costs on my last two returns , but i received nothing .
  14. 2 Rwanda Nautical Series 2019 proofs from Dios and 3 x Batavia from @arshimo2012
  15. First time using them i bought a half sovereign everything was ok selected the coin payed for it no problems , few months later tried to buy a £500 + coin they wanted ID proof , utility bill , etc so gave up not worth the hassle . never used them since .
  16. Silvergun

    White Lion

    Very poor from the mint .
  17. Happy to have received the 2019 Albert Matte Sovereign to complete my set of 2019 matte sovereigns .
  18. Very pleased to have yesterday received a Struck on the day Sapphire Coronation Full Sovereign from @terakris 🙂
  19. Just got an email , mine has been dispatched .