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  1. Silvergun

    Today I bought.....

    2 x 2oz Silver Queens Beast Black Bulls from Bleyer Bullion.
  2. Silvergun

    Today I Received

    An 1897 bullion half sovereign from Atkinsons .
  3. Silvergun

    Today I bought.....

    An 1897 bullion half sovereign from Atkinsons .
  4. Silvergun

    Metal Detecting

    @Cornishfarmer to identify different metals you to know the metals ID numbers for your machine , that is unless you are using a PI machine
  5. Silvergun

    Today I Received

    An 1887 shield back half sovereign from Quicksand005
  6. Silvergun

    Today I Received

    A Paddington Bear
  7. Silvergun

    Today I Received

    A 2006 bullion half sovereign .
  8. Well i reach retiring age In November and have no intentions of retiring and have worked since i was fifteen years old , thirty two of those years was as a self employed electrician at the moment i enjoy my work am fit and healthy , still go to the gym three times a week and work has never stopped me doing what i wanted when i wanted.😊
  9. Silvergun

    RM 2018 Paddington Bear 50p Spotted

    Bought one for my granddaughter 😊
  10. Silvergun

    Metal Detecting

    No sixgun i don't have have the video kit , i am to busy plotting my finds on GPS , patterns seem to be emerging to where i find certain items
  11. Silvergun

    Metal Detecting

    Hi it depends on your budget and on where you intend to detect , fields , dry sand or wet ionized sand , for a more informed answer check out the metal detecting forum , i personally only detect on wet ionized sand so bought a Garrett sea hunter Pulse Induction detector from themuseum.co.uk which is by far the cheapest place to buy from.
  12. Silvergun

    Today I Received

    A few pieces to continue the series i am collecting from Goldsilver.be , the lunar dog is a 1/2 oz .
  13. Silvergun

    Metal Detecting

    thats great , thank you sixgun
  14. Silvergun

    Metal Detecting

    Cleaned the coins in warm distilled water liquid soap and a soft toothbrush
  15. Silvergun

    Metal Detecting

    Thanks for your response sixgun , the b is actually a q as i posted the picture upside down , i have now found out its a shoe buckle .