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  1. Yes please if still available
  2. I requested them to return my postage costs on my last two returns , but i received nothing .
  3. 2 Rwanda Nautical Series 2019 proofs from Dios and 3 x Batavia from @arshimo2012
  4. First time using them i bought a half sovereign everything was ok selected the coin payed for it no problems , few months later tried to buy a £500 + coin they wanted ID proof , utility bill , etc so gave up not worth the hassle . never used them since .
  5. Silvergun

    White Lion

    Very poor from the mint .
  6. Happy to have received the 2019 Albert Matte Sovereign to complete my set of 2019 matte sovereigns .
  7. Very pleased to have yesterday received a Struck on the day Sapphire Coronation Full Sovereign from @terakris 🙂
  8. Just got an email , mine has been dispatched .
  9. Mine has also moved to invoiced .
  10. Bought a 1918 i from the same seller in June , will pm details .
  11. A few recent pick ups . The Gold Standard 1/4 oz gold from @Paul , the 2019 matt proof sovereign from the RM , the Black Flags from EMK and the 2019 Bullion half sovereign from the Buckingham Collection .
  12. Just been through my emails , i have a tracking number from Buckingham Collection so my half sovereign should arrive tomorrow , happy days . 🙂
  13. Maybe mine will turn up . Order Date Status Total Actions #690 02/08/2019 Completed
  14. All done , surprised i got one 🙂 not quickest on the key board .