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  1. Who knows if the above can happen, anything can happen in any market so it wouldn't surprise me, the more interesting point is that if it does happen and the gold/silver ratio hits the low it reached in April 2011 at 31.60 then the equivalent price in dollar terms would be 1582.27848 or c. £1213.50 on today's exchange rate for silver, not a bad rate of return....if it happens, big if but something to bear in mind
  2. i'd buy 306.776697 Victorian shieldback sovereigns and go to sleep for 5 years...
  3. Excellent points raised here on both sides of the discussion, central bankers buy gold, do what they do not what they say (couldn't agree more with this) and if they keep the price down so us proles can buy a bit of the shiny stuff at cheap prices so much the better for us...and if they ever do lose a court case then we'll all discover price discovery fairly quickly so we win both ways, keep smiling, keep stacking 😄
  4. yep, the range is 1520 - 1560 - it is waiting for a breakout above this area but who cares really, in the long run as Voltaire so correctly said, all fiat returns to its intrinsic value - zero...that is why stackers are stackers
  5. JPM is consistently accused of manipulating the silver market, smashing it down time and time again, that is the conspiracy theory if you believe in such things. If that were true it suits China to have JPM given the blame whilst they pull the strings behind the scenes IF you believe in such conspiracy theories, me, i'm agnostic and just thank the heavens that silver remains dirt cheap, but then again i'm investor so I like a bargain, nothing excites me more than a house price crash, metals being manipulated downwards or a Fed engineered market crash. I look forward to all of them
  6. yep the client I believe is China, they need stacks of silver for their economic development and want to make sure they are not short in the event of rising metals prices, this makes the most logical sense to me, this doesn't necessarily mean that silver will explode upwards, it could but it could also remain fairly static or indeed fall quite substantially. JPM therefore couldn't care less whether silver goes up or down but lower prices for silver is certainly in China's interests as they will try to accumulate as much as they possibly can. I think I read somewhere that they have a plan to rollout solar panels everywhere over the next few years so they don't want to be short of the silver they will need, as always the Chinese are both smart and like to play the long game. strategically no country thinks longer term than the Chinese.
  7. If you are in the UK the best investment is to pay great attention to the following website taxcafe.co.uk - all the articles and books on here are 1) a great read and 2) will save you a fortune, this should be your first investment before anything else, up to date knowledge of how govts incentivise investors to create wealth is key, all completely legal and above board, have fun and good luck. I find them a great read but I do understand that for most human beings they would rather drive a six inch nail into their head than read about tax, each to their own.
  8. talk of financial collapse is tedious and holding any metal or indeed anything else in such an event will be of no relevance as the strong will simply take what they want off whoever by force so I can't stand pumpers who look forward to a collapse as it is idiotic but playing the game of buying low and selling high whilst increasing assets is the way to acquire wealth in anything, paper, metals, bricks and mortar, whiskey, classic cars, machinery or anything else - what really helps is knowing the tax system, what is capital gains tax free etc, most people work for an employer which is the way to stay poor as you will consistently pay the highest levels of tax - become and investor in tax free things and stuff and you will become wealthy without being financially raped by the machine, it is everyone's individual choice how they wish to proceed. The greatest investment anyone can make is buy your country's tax guide book each year and invest accordingly
  9. not unreasonable at all, you make a great argument which I generally agree with somewhat, I just wanted to know which financial institution you worked for, i'm kind of nosy that's all
  10. Excellent thread this one so thanks for starting it up, in my experience of investing in all sorts of stuff property has manifest problems in the UK anyway, probably much better tax advantages in the states. Take a property you can buy up north for say 120000 - rent might be 500/month - 6000/year. You would need a management company to deal with it as you have to live your life and don't want the hassle of dealing with issues - this costs 15.6%, then you have the other usual costs, then 3000 extra stamp duty tax for buy to let - then the tories are about to get rid of entrepreneurs relief so no more 10% capital gains when you sell. Then mortgage on top - 25% deposit for most so you are now down 33000 or call it an investment if you wish. Best rate you'll get if you are lucky will be 2.15% or something like that so if everything goes smoothly you'll net 2500/3000/year per every 33000 you plow in if all your properties cost 12000 and that is if you 1) plow 0 money into the property to make it rentable 2) have zero void periods, living in cloud nutjob land this one 3) have consistent decent tenants, also never happens 4) absolutely nothing breaks down and needs fixing and price of labour always goes up whilst your rent stays the same 5) interest rates are at the lowest they have ever been so the only way is up which will increase the pool of tenants but destroy property prices when the rates finally have to go up - all in all i'll give it a miss - you can easily get 5% on other investments with 0 risk, property gives the illusion of low risk because you can touch the bricks but given all the above why bother?
  11. right at this moment you can buy silver for £13.87 and sell for £13.84 London at Bullion Vault, no VAT but you will incur CGT so horses for courses, good luck and have fun
  12. GSR - Silver is cheap relative to gold at the moment, you could buy silver and wait for the GSR to hit c.30 and/or below and sell out, that is assuming you believe TPTB will allow silver to go high again, the central banks know that the game is up if the public become aware that only PMs are real money, that is when a panicked flight into silver could happen as gold will become too expensive for your average Joe. Will it happen? no idea, could it happen? anything can happen in all markets, you take a punt you win or you lose like anything else. One thing to remember with silver it is called the "Devil's Metal" for a reason, it is volatile and frustrating, in a tear-up PMs bull market scenario, 90% of the silver move comes in the last 10% of the upmove in gold so a bit like Seabiscuit racing round the home straight, good luck and have fun.