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  1. I bought a cheap sentry safe today. I just felt like I needed something now until I can afford a really good one. I don’t have much to protect yet. It is air tight with plastic liner. I’m finding out now There seems to be a lot of bad reviews saying that mold forms inside. I have two of those moisture absorbing packs inside it. Is this a problem with all safes?
  2. I was in an antique shop that had a few constitutional silver coins. They had nickels priced at .50 each and quarters at $4.00 each. I know $1.40 face equals one ounce of silver but what’s an easy way to determine a good price for individual coins?
  3. Stopped by our local pawn shop just to see what they had. They had 10- 1oz bars for $1.50 over spot. I got them all. I love it. I can see this silver stacking being addictive
  4. Hi everyone, I’m brand new to stacking. I didn’t even realize it was a “thing” until a few weeks ago. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos and now I’m ready to get started.
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