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  1. Shifting some stuff to fund a purchase, have numerous of the above destined for Atkinsons Tues morning, selling at Atkinsons buy price, rounded down to £235 each plus postage. 10+ available. H
  2. After some full or half bullion sovs, about £1500 give or take, anyone in the mood for shifting some? H
  3. Thats the bunny, got 2x england and 3x wales as well, but they dont seem to do as well.
  4. Just gad a rummage through my tins. I have loads of £2 coins, just finished a £1000 tin and took the tin opener to it, I have several Olympic citities the Best being the NI one, looking on ebay selling for 20-40 quid a pop. Cant believe folk pay this sort of cash for a £2 coin.
  5. Looking at Slovenia myself, been holidaying there for years, love the place.
  6. Might i ask which country? Understand if you dont want to post on open forum, im looking at this myself at the moment, no familly in Europe but as a second/holiday home.
  7. No Knocking you chief, but i dont get this mentality. Yes you get more volume, but in 6 months if you flogged it all you would lose more on the silver. I just dont get buying mass produced bullion silver at all, unless thinking 10+ years ahead.
  8. You will be able to watch most things on the android box, you will need a good broadband connection though. Most come preloaded with all you should need, although there is a a lot of crap on them you will never use. Football can be hit and miss, with buffering and dissconections sometimes, but its free who you gonna complain to? Drop me a PM when you get it if your stuck, they are not user freindly to be fair, but once your set up and isolated all the rubbish you will never need you should be able to watch almost any movie/tv show made with a few clicks. H
  9. Ive had one for yonks, not the model your getting but they are pretty similar. Im assuming it comes pre loaded with KODI?
  10. I got 40k early this year. Ive had 2x£25 the first month £50 the second month Buggar all the next 4 months but this month £100 Not earth shattering, but not bad. Still check with excitement early every month to see if ive got a big win. Hopefully make more than in the bank, but more importantly I cant blow it on gambling, out on the piss or gold.
  11. If they are just worth their weight, chuck em in an old Holborn tin or suchlike, they will have been rattling around various pockets/wallets for decades, if not centuries.
  12. Muslims are not supposed to do a lot of things, but they do. What do you think all the billionaires are doing during Ramadan? snorting Charlie from the thighs of high class east eoropean hooers. . lucky bastards. yeah, my stack value went down considerably.....