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  1. Sky sports and BT sports does not cost £100 pcm . Half that and you are close
  2. Sky sports is £23 a month and for me is very good value. I love my sport . Especially golf and F1 and they do both a lot better than anyone. Add football and cricket and Rugb y League. It's very reasonable.
  3. So looking at buying some 2020 Britannia’s but prices look really high? At over £18 each . Other places have them under £16. Kind of defeats the saving on postage? Is there a discount on the prices?
  4. I guess they weren't confident we could hold back the Germans else why not just move it to a secret place in Britain?
  5. High power towers will be replaced by low power ones . Increased bandwidth will be needed . Everything is getting hooked into the net. Driver less cars are coming , Virtual reality gaming. the list goes on and is being added to all the time.
  6. I'm sure similar things were said in 19th Century when Electricity was being widely adopted. 4G will be obsolete as 3g is now. It's simple 5G is better and fit for purpose more than 4G, just like Electricity was over gas.
  7. 1/2 oz rooster please. Will make a good golf ball marker. 😀
  8. Hi, The coins were shipped by UPS £24 if i remember . So adds ~£1 per coin on batch of 25 but no VAT. Tracked via tracking number
  9. I bought 25 x 1oz silver 2020 Britannia's from GoldSilver.be last week. Ordered late Friday and they arrived yesterday. All packaged well . Paid by bank transfer. No issues whatsoever.
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