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  1. GS.BE now have a GBP bank account, so you can do direct transfers from your bank. However you can only do this if you order in GBP. If you order in EUR then you have to pay in EUR using Currencyfair or whatever. Currencyfair is a bit bad.. no guarantee of the exchange rate, you can only transfer money from your bank (no debit card) and takes ages to complete!
  2. vand

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Gold has been so dismal lately its now looking like a great buy: https://moneyweek.com/493040/gold-has-been-so-bad-that-its-now-starting-to-look-good/
  3. vand

    The Attraction to Silver Unboxing videos

    TBH I find most of them quite dull, unless they actually use the unboxing as a entrypoint for a further more meaningful discussion. If they're just about commentary on opening your latest package and showing what you've bought then it's quite tedious.
  4. https://youtu.be/JMKQVPV1pf0?t=1m21s
  5. Yes, the strategy has worked well, but only because: - We took decisive action when the market was still in the doldrums in 2011 and we thought the risk/reward of buying was very favourable. However it would have been easy to have carry on the "one more year of renting" like a lot of our friends did. - We were in the position where we had savings and so could actually put down a good deposit on a house. that itself was the result of years of financial discipline. - We budgeted, and we stuck to our budget. - We were disciplined enough to make the monthly overpayments, each month, every month. We have been lucky that it has worked as well as it had, but there is also a saying that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Now I see opportunities in other areas (PMs, commodities).. I can't know for sure that they won't go lower, but I deem the risk/reward to be highly favourable over a medium-long time frame if you employ disciplined accumulation strategy. Now we are faced with a doubled edged sword if we want to move.. we will be competing to buy in what I know in my heart is a very overpriced market (even despite the recent softening). But at least having your current home paid affords us the luxury of not having to be involved in a chain, and/or biding our time until we feel there is a good deal on the table.
  6. +1yr update: Long term plan is still progressing very well. We have overpaid as much as is possible without incurring overpayment penalties, and have reduced the principle now to a very manageable amount. We have reduced our interest payments from £207/month down to just £167/month. We are now 2 months away from the end our discount period, but I'm not even sure that it's worth remortgaging, as I expect to have everything paid off within a year now (work is currently paying very well!). We have a 5 month old baby now so we will want to move somewhere larger sooner rather than later, and the idea of having our current home all paid off is immense. We will keep this home no matter what we do going forward, and start afresh with a new mortgage if and when we do move to a bigger place.
  7. vand

    Is there a benefit to having a personal GSR ratio?

    I'm completely agnostic; I'll stack whichever is the better valued metal.
  8. vand

    Avg price/oz of your stack? What have you learned?

    I can understand why you would want to know your average cost (I track mine to the penny), but all it ultimately tells you is how much you put into it. You have to come back to the reason why you are stacking in the first place. Remember that PMs are a hedge against traditional financial assets. If PMs are doing badly then generally other things like stocks and bonds are doing OK, and its those markets that tend to shape our everyday life. That's why I don't advise anyone to put anything approaching 100% of their wealth into PMs. It's not sensible even if you feel that they are the most undervalued play in town right now.
  9. vand

    Avg price/oz of your stack? What have you learned?

    The longer and more you stack the less you care about avg price... because there's nothing you can do about it. It's just a natural function of spot price over time. There is a good video from Belangp that demonstrates that a disciplined monthly cost averaging approach will result in your stack grativating towards a price that is very rarely more than 20%-25% above spot, even in prolonged bear markets. I can live with that.
  10. I’ve paid using currency fair, so no great hardship. A couple of quid more expensive.
  11. Hello.. this looks like its still a problem for GS.be. Any advice?
  12. vand

    A shift in public sentiment

    The stock market is very expensive mainly because companies can't find anything better to do with their cash than buy back their own stock. This ponzi-esque behaviour guarantees a very bad ending for this bull market when the next recession/crisis hits... their stocks will be overvalued and they'll have used up most of their cash buying at these crazy prices.
  13. vand

    A shift in public sentiment

    All the bullion sales numbers suggest that interest in PMs is at a decade low. PMs are way out of fashion right now.. and that is a good thing. I'm personally going to be increasing my monthly purchases over the next 3-4 months, so happy that the price is currently so low. You can do all the technical and fundamental analysis under the sun and the price will go and do its own thing, so I will just continue to accumulate and trust in my 30-year plan.