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  1. What a ride it has been for Tullow Oil holders. From their smallcap days in the 2000s oil boom, they advanced to the brink of a FTSE100 entry.. then it has been downhill ever since: back to 56p as of today.
  2. Yep, he produces excellent content. Well explained, and he doen't display any strong biases towards any particular style or asset type. another good source is Andrew Craig's How To Own The World video series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOFx-5nQiB4&list=PLrDZqw9Hf97YSy2e-BmsYsUSw0xwBdEhz
  3. The financials are already very beaten down. Bank stocks have been hammered over the last few years. A lot of bad news is already in the price.
  4. Moving higher @ $1.31. We also have a golden cross between the 55dma and 233dma.
  5. haha.. I'm the opposite. I like the financials and think the housebuilders could easily a big downturn. The time to buy housebuilders was in the years after the financial crisis; they are hugely cyclical stocks and have delivered stellar gains for holders, but they also crash heavily when the housing market takes a nosedive.
  6. I hope everyone has is not only still holding, but has been continually buying, because the odds are improving rapidly that we have seen the bottom of this intermediate correction. The recent correction knocked off about $110 from about $1560 down to $1450. We moved from a fairly stretched level about 17% above the 200dma back to a much more moderate 3.5%.This is a very healthy level of correction to recycle money out of tired hands, ready for the next leg up. GDX is looking very strong. Silver has been holding up very well.. all good signs that this is a healthy bull market ready to start moving up again.
  7. Full portfolio: IMB.L BATS.L HSBA.L AV.L RDSB.L VOD.L BLND.L BT.A.L BARC.L I'd estimate the portfolio currently yields about 6.5%. Almost used my ISA allowance for this year, so I am saving my last bullet in case there is a bigger selloff.
  8. Old stalwart RDSB.L added to the income portfolio. p/e 11 divi 6.7% RDSB holders have not suffered a dividend cut since WWII. #sleepeasy
  9. Yes. The platform provide will automatically reclaim the tax back on your behalf on deposits into the SIPP. Takes a few weeks.
  10. Total nonsense. It's SHTF survivalists like you that give PM investors a bad rep.
  11. We tagged a low of 79 during the last run. I think we will get down to low-70s in the next intermediate cycle, possibly dipping into the 60s, but frankly it's very difficult to say with any degree of confidence as silver is so volatile.
  12. You can contribute up to £2880 to a Junior SIPP, and with the 25% tax back it goes up to £3600. However, be aware that if you do this year after year then even with average growth rates it could quite possibly run into the lifetime allowance (current £1.05m) well before their pension age, such is the power of compounding from such an early age. Of course, this would be a nice problem to have, but it is a problem nonetheless. I personally don't see the tax relief as a better deal than having their own tax-relief + employer contributions when they eventually start working (let's say from age 22 onwards), so it might be a better idea to contribute towards a Junior ISA instead, or at least split between the 2 wrappers. I have set up both JSIPP and JISA from my little 'un, but I prioritize the JISA. The ISA will allow access to money when they most need it for things like university, home deposit, starting a business etc, while the JSIPP will be their million-pound windfall.
  13. A 20% allocation to a portfolio has historically been enough to retain and quite possibly increase its true purchasing power. No guarantees, of course. Even the Permanent Portfolio suffered a drop in the financial crisis, although of course much less than other aggressive portfolios. What do you mean you don't have a diversified portfolio?
  14. I bought more IMB just before it went ex-divi yesterday. This stock is now yielding 12%.. clearly the market is anticipating a dividend cut, but imo they can afford to trim the diviend by 30-40% to leave them with more cashflow to develop the business and still keep income seekers happy. I would not even be surprised to see them maintain the dividend over the next 12 months. I think baccy stocks are amongst the biggest bargains on offer right now, and I'm confident that the industry will find new markets to expand in to offset decline in their traditional products. Besides, with 8bn people on the planet and growing, there will always be smokers to see their products to, and they are one of the few businesses that are Amazon-proof.