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  1. I also wonder about all those who cite Silver's Higher premiums and storage issues... are also those who store their collections in expensive fancy boxes and display cases.. lol Not really a dig a you, just an example of how when anything is out of fashion people will also find a reason to dislike it. When GSR is towards the other extreme they will probably complain that a gold coin is so small it's easy to misplace or lose and silver's bulk makes it easier to see where your money is going.
  2. It comes down to definition of a stacker vs collector, and where on the spectrum you sit. Pure dyed-in-the-wool stackers are only interested in weight and don't give a monkey's what is printed on the front. Pure collectors only care about the coin, not the metal. Very few people sit right on either end of the scale, although I would say that most people sit more towards the stacker end rather than the collector end. I consider myself primarily a stacker, and at least 3/4ths of my stack is nothing fancier than a current-year Britannia. The more I see threads talking about new series being launched the less I care about whats on the front my own coins. If everything's special then nothing is special.
  3. I totally agree.. the market is completely saturated with new competing coin series. Ultimately it doesn't take much effort to release a new coin with a new design and launch it as a new series, hoping to stand out and draw in the punters. Even a small time operation like Silver Bullet/Silver shield can do it every couple of months, seemingly. There's nothing special about them. It's all just silver at the end of the day.
  4. You are right. I do hold some general equities exposure but my philosophy is that I want to hold what I think is cheap and at a cyclical low, so am very biased towards commodities right now (and a lot of cash equivilents). IMO the risk is not that China tanks but that western markets tank. In any case, China is currently undergoing a fairly brutal bear market, so my argument is that it is already all in the price. At some point I will rebalance and increase my equities exposure, but not until we have seen a bear market in the FTSE/Dow.
  5. vand

    Silver stacking strategy

    Get the cheapest silver you can get your hands on. If that's junk then go with junk. If it's kangaroos from joining in BYB's monthly orders then go with that. With £100gbp/month you realistically don't need to worry about CGT.
  6. It's a bit of an oxymoron, but I've just discovered that I can buy into a PM fund for my company pension, which pretty much track the mining sector. I'm going to take advantage of this and its going to be one of the cornerstones of my investment strategy as far as PMs go. Anyone else have any PM in their pension? I know some regard PMs AS their pension.. I appreciate that its not the same as physical, there is counterparty risk, and it will be tied up until I reach retirement.. I will still continue to buy physical. I do however think that there is massive upside potential in the mining sector if/when we get another bull market, and chucking a decent chunk of your pension contributions into such a sector is going to pay off very handsomely if you are patient. So my pension is going be be split between: PMs Emerging markets funds with big positions in China Commodities Cash
  7. vand

    Buying silver for less - a practical solution

    You're pretty much just described how fractional reserve banking was invented
  8. vand

    What's your standard vetting / fake-detection method?

    Maybe I'm a being rather naive, but this is another good reason to stack Platinum.. the sheer density of the stuff means that its faking with base metals is going to stick out like a sore thumb.
  9. vand

    Is this a fake

    The icecube test is very under-rated test. Use in conjunction with the magnet and, if still unsure, specific gravity.
  10. vand

    Back door delivery

    If it is govt issued bullion you can declare it at the face value of whatever the coinage is, rather than the silver value.
  11. I can think of several potential reasons why a dealer wouldn't do this - what if the particular coin is not in stock for example? DCA doesn't need to be exact to the penny. Just set aside a rought %age of your income each month. If anything, try to buy a slightly larger dollar amount if the price is lower than it was last month.. round up to the nearest oz. Prices are not so volatile that there's no solution. Also look into Dollar VALUE averaging.. where you purposely buy more if the market has fallen, according to your desired rate of return.
  12. Unless you're dumb enough to buy stuff in the airport duty-free.
  13. Shcomp continues to make new lows. This is a good time to start accumulating imo, although it is very likely there is some further downside. On a value basis it is ridiculously cheap.
  14. vand

    Gold to silver ratio.

    There are 2 levels to playing the GSR: 1. Do you prefer buying silver to gold currently because of its relative cheapness? 2. For those who hold gold, are you actually willing to swap some of your gold to buy silver? At the moment only the first point is in play for me. I'm happy buying only silver at these prices, but I would have to see a GSR > 88 to consider selling my physical gold to buy silver. The spreads make this expensive, so it is not something that I want to do unless I see a 3 standard deviation extreme. We are not there yet. Also there are other ways to play the ratios.. like switching to platinum, which is even more underpriced, and the spread is much lower than on silver.
  15. vand

    Gold to silver ratio.

    it doesn't surprise me in the least that nobody wants to trade their gold for silver. Silver is in the doldrums and out of favour, and this holds true for metal stackers as much as for the lay person. Most "stackers" are just as emotionally driven and suspectible to following the herd and chasing what is most in favour just like most stock investors chase the momentum stocks and ignore the unloved value plays. No, most gold buyers will only start considering silver when the GSR drops below 50 or 60 as they will have seen the outperformance and want a piece of the action.