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  1. vand

    What to do.

    On the contrary. One look at silver bullion sales will tell you that stackers are a much rarer breed now than at any time in the last 5 years.
  2. Retirement is a double edged sword; there are studies that show that continuing in work in late life is generally good for your wellbeing. The confusion comes because in our minds we associate "retirement" with having finally reached a state of "financially independence" and as we all know that is usually far from the case. One of the smartest guys I know was a dentist; made enough from his work to "retire" in his early 50s. Now he spends his "retirement" travelling around the Australian outback and giving treatment to those for whom do not have easy access to good dentists. Good bloke.
  3. vand

    What to do.

    Stack what you have a preference for. If you don't know, then imo it makes sense to start with some silver right now because it is relatively cheap, and if you are just starting out then storage won't become an issue until you have accumulated a few hundred ozs at least (IMO it isn't really an issue even with a few thousand ozs). Over the last 2.5 years I have accumulated >1500oz of silver and just 1.5oz of gold (which I dipped into when the GSR fell below 70), and don't feel the need to rebalance to a bigger gold position because I know that it will automatically happen when their relative prices dictate it. No point in forcing it and screwing myself out of extra metal for my hard-earned fiat notes.
  4. vand

    Gold/Silver ratio?

    The most likely scenario is that both go up in fiat terms with silver outperforming gold. But who cares - I am taking about the ratio itself, not the price in fiat denominated values. I see my precious metals as a way of preserving purchasing power and eventually being able to use them to acquire more productive assets when the opportunities arise. Fiat money in and of itself is not value producing, its only (currently) a means to acquire something which is.
  5. vand

    Gold/Silver ratio?

    I have just been buying silver, every time I come close to buying a sov I end up with more Eagles. This will change when the GSR itself moderates. I will split between both gold when it falls below the 70th percentile of its historical average (68), and then just primarily gold when falls below the 50th percentile (56).
  6. vand

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    A lot of faff for 1oz of silver. Life's too short. If we had a new thread for every time someone got a fake off fleabay...
  7. vand

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    Its fake as hell. Why do people bother with ebay? Its not like we don't warn you enough on here.
  8. vand

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Major Breakout. Yesterday was one of these sessions where both USD and PMs rallied. Result is that the true price of PMs in other currencies make a big move higher.
  9. I don’t think there’s a dedicated thread for this, so starting one. GSR has now moderated to about 76 as silver has been leading the climb in recent weeks. Silver still clearly a better buy above 72-73 imo. Gold/Plat levelled off at 1.46, currently 1.44. Platinum is outstanding at these generationally cheap levels for future outperformance.
  10. Its got sod all to do with economic conditions. Households weren't exactly rolling around in spare cash during the financial crisis when sales peak at 40m+. Sales are down because most people don't have an interest when prices are low and rush out to buy when prices hit a peak.
  11. vand

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Whisper it quietly, but SilverGBP is threatening to set a new 6 month high...!
  12. I really hope I'm wrong, but imo there could still be further downside, which does not bode well for the immediate prospects for silver. No reason why ASE sales can't or shouldn't head back down towards the 10m oz/year level for a year or two imo.
  13. vand

    Monthly Goals?

    Good question. My income is quite variable from month to month, but I always try to stack what I can comfortably manage, which usually works out to between 30-50oz month. I guess my approach mixes the discipline of monthly cost averaging with the flexibility to determine how much you actually feel like you want to set aside that month. I could conceivably stack 2-3 times as heavily, but I also split my money between trying to pay off the mortgage (not too long now!) and building an increasing cash reserve.
  14. vand

    End game / why stack / why collect

    Pms are INSURANCE. Most of us don't sit there looking at our insurance policies and saying "what a stunning buy I made" until after the fact. It is ALL about staying in the game. Silver is something to be accumulated and stockpiled for times of trouble. But the trick is that you have to buy it during normal times when it is undervalued. You can't wait for the crisis. Most people won't stay the course. They'll buy a few batches and then get fed up waiting for the moonshot. Physical sales are at multi-year lows which tell you everything you need to know about those who haven't managed to stay the course.. most buyers have washed out and fallen away. They haven't managed to stay in the game. Silver hasn't done what they were hoping for it to do in the timeframe that they were expecting. If you go into this with a definite end-game in mind then you will certainly become discouraged and disinterested when that end-game doesn't play out. You will fall by the wayside and you will no longer still be in the game.