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  1. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/one-look-at-this-and-youll-get-why-warren-buffett-is-sitting-on-a-record-cash-pile-2019-10-15?siteid=bigcharts&dist=bigcharts
  2. A big cycle into value stocks seems to be underway today in what is an otherwise ho-hum day for the market in general BARC.L +4.8% AV.L +3.9% BT.A +4.9% IAG +5.9% .. it goes on
  3. Fed Balance sheet: https://www.federalreserve.gov/monetarypolicy/bst_recenttrends.htm
  4. WRT to the original question... silver is silver. Why the continual need to always consider it inferior to gold? If it were a football team, 1oz of gold would be your £50 main striker, while 1oz silver is your £6m left back. The strongest teams tend to blend the superstars with the solid dependable jocks.
  5. Gold has unique properties that make it well suited to industrial usage.. eg, it is being used to coat the mirror of the James Webb telescope. It's inert properties make it ideal for many medical usage procedures in the human body (including dentistry). Science is finding new uses for it all the time - it was recently found to be useful in a new cancer detection test, for example. When McLaren built the original McLaren F1 they used gold to line the engine because of its conductive qualities - we would see more of this sort of usage in a "cost is really no issue" scenarios. Silver as acknowledged has many, many useful industrial usages many of which are well known.
  6. Price is still in "correction" mode and could be for a while yet. I'm a big believer in the strength of moving averages wrt the gold price. The moving averages need to come closer to the spot price before the market is ready to make a new move to higher highs. This can come about through a longer period of price stability, or (more likely) some further downside to spot price. Typically prices need to retrace to within about 5% of the 200dma following a big move. Historically any dips below the 200dma have been excellent entry points.
  7. The big risk with something high yielding foreign bonds is the currency risk. Interest rates are 65% in Argentina right now. Good place to park your money, right? Except you need your money to be at least doubling every year to keep up with the collapsing currency: https://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=ARS&view=5Y It's the same for Turkish bonds and many other of these apparently high interest bearing assets. There's no free lunch. https://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=TRY&to=USD&view=5Y TRY has lost well over half its value in the last 5 years. You need some pretty stonking returns to make up for that. that said, if you expect that the currency has bottomed out and a reversal is on the cards, then it would be a good risk/reward play.
  8. Serious whiffage of the PPT in action last night. Not that I'm complaining. Let's see how the next few sessions play out.
  9. Taken advantage of recent market wobble to take a position in BT.A CEO has bought in for £3m's worth of stock in the last few month.
  10. 375 FTSE points lost in the last 3 sessions. Ouch..
  11. Its been a spooky start to the final quarter of the decade. FTSE had its worst selloff in over 3 years yesterday.
  12. https://blog.smartmoneytrackerpremium.com/ I think he calls the market pretty well and one of the few TAs that I pay much attention to. His "yearly/imtermediate/daily cycle" system is simply a way of framing trends within different timeframes.
  13. I'm not a great believer in options expiry dates causing significant price moves. It's too convenient a "blame someone else" card that can be used on 5% of total trading days. I prefer to put it down to simply a necessary intermediate term cyclical correction. Need to flush out the weak money and price and moving averages need to converge before we are ready to go back up in a meaningful way.