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  1. I want to pick up a couple more sovereigns and a couple more 20 francs.
  2. Personally, if I was US-based I would be coveting a St Gauden's double eagle. It's a gorgeous coin and IMO has a much more majestic design than the regular American gold eagle.
  3. Gold acquisitions! A couple of French 20-Franc pieces. Firstly a 1901 coin with the classic Gallic rooster design on one side and Marianne (symbol of liberty and reason) on the other, and secondly a 20 Franc coin from 1812 featuring a portrait of the emperor Napoleon 1st. Annoyingly the 1812 coin didn’t come in a capsule, but capsules are cheap.
  4. Fundamentally incorrect. Atheism is a religion in the same way that “off” is a TV channel. Faith is a requirement of religion. One cannot have “faith” that supernatural beings don’t exist, you just need to look out of the window and see with your own eyes that magic is a fairytale by virtue of the absence of unicorns. There have been thousands of deities worshipped throughout human history, and not a single one do we have a shred of definitive proof for. But sure, it’s atheism that has the “blind faithful followers”.
  5. Wow, this thread has veered wildly off-topic hasn’t it?
  6. Bagged some discounted sovereigns in a Black Friday promotion. 1931 George V, 1908 Edward VII, 1958 Elizabeth II young-head, and an 1866 Young Victoria shield-back. 👌
  7. We’ll see 😉 Thanks for the welcome everyone.
  8. Hello everyone. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintances. I entered into the hobby this year and perusing this forum has been a great help. Now that I have a small collection going on I thought it was about time I joined the community. I’m a gold stacker personally, I tend to gravitate towards fractional European coins with a little bit of history to them - for example I have a small number of gold sovereigns minted under different monarchs. Not really bothered about whether what I pick up is a great deal or not, I just like collecting what I find interesting and can afford. Anyway, since pictures seem to be popular here I’ll show off my only piece of silver - my 2019 moon-landing 50th anniversary proof silver dollar, courtesy of the US mint.