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  1. Happy New Year / Leap Year / Decade / Double Repetition Year (i.e. 1919, 2020, 2121)! My first silver related video of the year asks the question anyone collecting or thinking of collecting silver should ask: Why Should You Buy Silver?
  2. @captaincavemanjay Don't be confused; I've created 3 videos that show all the coins NZ Mint have made: Be warned, there are loads! Agree with @Groundup, the 2oz High Relief Coins are probably the best in the series.
  3. @LukeStacker Cheers, If your asking the Stacker in me, then the bullion coins are a good place to start. They are affordable and widely available: https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/silver-coins/star-wars/ However, if your asking the Collector in me, the 2oz High Relief Coins are good place to start: https://atkinsonsbullion.com/search-results?searchtext=star wars&searchmode=allwords Regards
  4. Star Wars Silver Collector Coins - Episode III - Silver A - Z Merry Xmas
  5. A silver related Star Wars video: Star Wars Silver Collector Coins - Episode I - Silver A - Z May the force be with you
  6. @kimchi Looking at Gold Sov prices today: Quarter = £117.00 Half = £145.00 Yeah, you'd be crazy to buy 1/4
  7. @kimchi Sorry, my maths isn't the best either, but I've tested on my silver stack and it seems to work out correct. Sorry, probably should have clarified when I bought the St George coin in October 2016, the price of 1/4 Sov bullion coin was £109@ from my usual dealer. Of course, gold 1/4 Sov has done better since 2016, plus no VAT to pay in the first place. Half sov is also better premium than 1/4 as you mentioned. However, if honest, something the size of a shirt button having such high value gives me the sweats! Much more comfortable stacking silver, even with VAT, it's still affordable with a part time job.
  8. @GrahamDiamond Wait till I publish my Super High Relief Silver Coins video; I've ordered my waterproof keyboard and boxes of tissue in anticipation for that one!
  9. @GrahamDiamond I partly created this channel in that if I can't physically afford these coins, I can salivate and droll all over my keyboard at these lovely coins.
  10. I've started a new Silver A - Z series; should be much easier to approach for non PM collectors / stackers. I start with P for Peter Pan:
  11. @silverdocket Cheers, been doing this channel for nearly 2 months now; so still learning the ropes. A lot of trial & error.
  12. Fourth video in my "Silver 101" series - How Do I Work Out The Premium I Paid On My Silver? What's your "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" premiums you have paid?
  13. Like others have mentioned, gold and silver is CURRENCY Went to British Museum last month, they had 1000's of years of currency - it was gold and silver