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  1. Received a Ruanda Wildlife Rhinoceros. Been waiting to get at a good price. These beauties are steep for a bullion coin, I think. But I just love that matt finnish. Believe the Rhino is the last in that series with a 5000 piece mintage.
  2. Beautiful coin. Would love to own a 1977 Kruger Congrats! Why not keep it around (storage)?
  3. Wonderful coin! Congrats. Is this a special mint?
  4. There's a thread on the new Big Five Series here btw, you might enjoy: They are wonderful coins. Bought here at https://www.emk.com/de-de/big-five-elefant-1-oz-ibsud19130 They have them for 35 (!) - 40 EUR. Not sure about shipping to UK. Hope that helps.
  5. Welcome! Good starting attitude btw! Take it slow, don't splurge unnecessarily - there'll be so much to discover! Enjoy.
  6. Yes. Would be a little early for pre-order. Looking forward to seeing the coin in hand and compared to elephant and lion. Atm the Lion is my favourite.
  7. "Small delivery", aight. Love that stack though - does whoever you get them from put them in capsules before shipping?
  8. Yea, same here. Still wrapped and stored away. You are right though, the whole design, even the packaging, is so beautifully done and works well together. Maybe they'll provide something in the future.
  9. Welcome! Nice coin. Bet it wont be your last silver neither
  10. I understand wanting to put them together in a nice box or similar - especially when full set complete. But why not leave them sealed as is (for now)?