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  1. I have an unopened from the US Mint 2019 S Enhanced Reverse Proof that sold out almost immediately on Nov. 14th, 2019. These coins are going for over 1000$ on Ebay and auction sites. I like the Queen's Beasts series and have purchased all of them. My mistake was only buying 1 of the 2016 Lion and 1 of the 2017 Griffin and then at least 1 tube of every coin since. I want to trade my unopened 2019 S ERP for 1 tube of 2016 Lions and 1 tube of 2017 Griffins, the 2 oz coins. If you are interested in the 2019 S Enhanced Reverse Proof ASE and want to trade for it let me know. Thanks and happy holidays to everyone
  2. I have 4 of the 2018 Lions and all 4 are Pre-Ordered and all 4 are Mint Errors. I don't know if that holds any value as Sunshine mint produced these for NIUE and they were not minted at the NZD Mint. I like the coins (2 coins in the set, 1/2 the Bible verse micro engraved on both coins for the full verse) and I have at least 4 of the 2019s and 2018s, this leaves my 2018 sets all including one mint error coin. The error is the Queen's face, it has a huge gouge in her cheek, it is identical on all the coins and doesn't change size or place of the error.