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  1. Hi from another novice 👋
  2. I think it might just be the angle, I cut this out of the supposed ‘mint’ packaging.
  3. So I got this through, it passes the magnet test, the weight is 322 which is a little heavy but what concerns me a little is the lettering behind the chin. What do you guys think?
  4. Hermes are the worst for this they forged my sig and left an art print in the rain!!
  5. Take your time mate and make sure you get the best price you can. Good luck!
  6. That’s weird! Why so expensive abroad?
  7. Where did you see £200 postage? I just had a little panic and rechecked the listing and my paypal payment.
  8. Hi, thank you. I did win it. I couldn’t resist, I bought some silver from the mint and love it but the import costs make it impossible. I have been learning how to test from the good people on this website. I have some scales, callipers and a rare earth magnet. I will get it out of the plastic and put it through my novice testing.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/scottsdale-10oz-troy-999-fine-silver-bar-free-postage-sealed-in-plastic-WOW/283747203036?hash=item4210a6b7dc:g:ioUAAOSwh4BeIb7Q#vi__app-cvip-panel I am never 100% sure with Scottsdale products on eBay
  10. I bought silver from the Scottsdale mint, eBay levy import duty then around 30 dollars of other costs. All this makes it totally uneconomical to ship almost anything from the USA unfortunately.