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  1. Jango

    for sale For sale

    Hi Chris I am look for £7400 regards J
  2. Jango

    for sale For sale

    Hi I am based in East Sussex regards J
  3. Jango

    for sale For sale

    Hi I’m currently thinking over some offers I want to get £7500 for them ,as I know the vat that might be applied to silver after brexit makes this a fair price plus someone can still make on selling of in individual coins , also I don’t want to make a lose on my investments as as much as i could do with some extra money,I have other options to . thanks for your interest. Regards J
  4. Jango

    for sale For sale

    Hi Thanks for the info. regards J
  5. Jango

    for sale For sale

    Thanks for the message
  6. Jango

    for sale For sale

    Hello H H the reason I have not put a asking price is I am not sure what it should be ,so from a lazy position , I have what something members will be interested in potentially buying, and if so I was hopping that that being on a forum I would get some on point info on what I could expect to get for 500oz , I am not being evasive with a price . And I would seem that there are members who are interested and are coming up with some initial pricing which is helpful. Regards J
  7. Jango

    for sale For sale

    Hi S i am open to all ways ,Aldo I don’t need to sell so not in a major rush ,but in saying that I am looking to raise money and this is one option I have. regards J
  8. Jango

    for sale For sale

    Hi All new to the forum, looking to sell 500oz 2016 Britannias monster box. appreciate any advice . sorry if breaking protocol, in how you go about introducing yourself and selling on this site ,no offence meant. Looking for £7400