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  1. No, but it does look a lot better without the blight!
  2. Are the scratches on the Queen's cheek, in the after pictures, on the coin or a capsule?
  3. Hello Marty, welcome. I think theres people here from all over the place. I don't think anyone will care where you're from.
  4. Hey all, Thanks to everyone thats subscribed so far Here's another one looking at premiums! This time on 5oz to 100oz silver bars.
  5. First off welcome to the forum. I think you have a sound strategy regarding sovereigns as your fractional gold as they have a low premium. Personally, if I were in the UK I'd stick to silver Brittanias. So that both your gold and silver stack are capital gains tax exempt. As you are just starting out I'd steer clear from higher premium silver like the Landmarks of Brittain. Wait a while before buying things like that, unless it's something you just want and don't care about any financial loss on it. Buying silver from Europe tax free is advisable. You can store your purchases for up to six months and get it shipped in one go to save on shipping. Buying sovereigns in the UK is easy and tax free. Check out some of the bigger dealers like Chards and Atkinsons. For best prices check out the gold price checker made by one of the forum members. http://goldprice.eu5.net/ If you spend some time reading up on the forum you'll find some great information and experience in buying by other members. There is a list of dealers and also a 'buy and sell' page where you can pick up some great deals. Good luck with your stacking.
  6. This is just another quick close up look at the silver Una and the Lion. I wish it was the gold one I was showing off!
  7. This one is a follow up to the Silver and Gold premiums vid looking at premiums on fractional gold and actual on the day prices and premium % breakdown.
  8. Congratulations on hitting 1k! Can't wait for the package!
  9. Hey bud, If they're available I'll take them. Cheers
  10. This is a look at some actual prices for gold and silver bullion coins today and the % premiums we pay in Europe.
  11. A nice coin. I prefer this design to the previous Batavia.
  12. For me its an added level of protection. I plan on keeping it long term. I live a very rugged and rural lifestyle so any extra protection for my higher premium pieces is very welcome.
  13. So got one of that last batch and received it a few days ago. As far as I can see it's all good. I'll send it for grading later this year.
  14. You have some lovely pieces there! A really varied range of designs. That polished buddha in the bottom right corner looks amazing.