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  1. I totally agree. Your security, personal information and data just aren't worth putting at risk.
  2. Hope you don't mind me asking, but are there any other charges, other than the purchase price and postage. I've often seen gold coins (Indian head quarters and halves) by US sellers on ebay and feared bidding because of duties, VAT etc.
  3. Hopefully we'll get a 4 day deal next weekend, but I'm not counting on it. I check the UKHD website to sell when the deals are expected and I found this: It's for business sellers only, eBay are reacting in support of businesses currently and giving them a no fees period until there end of May.
  4. Drop a nuclear weapon on a rival super power? It really could get worse......
  5. Hi Ed, I make coin purchases on eBay. I'll look at the photos, ignore it if it's not a stock photo, and ask questions about marks and flaws. Read the description, get a feel for the seller, are they genuine? Don't get taken for a ride, if it's a fake then ask for a refund, eBay generally falls in favour of the buyer and you'll get a refund. If it doesn't arrive, report it as not arrived, you still get a refund. If it isn't as described or isn't the coin in the photo then ask for a refund, in nearly all cases you will get a refund. Take the plunge, make a purchase and have fun. And stay safe!
  6. An honest seller, thankfully there are more conscientious sellers like yourself than not. eBay can be fun with lots of bargains, just tread carefully.
  7. Thoughtless, stupid sellers, there are plenty on eBay. They just want a sale with the lowest P&P costs.
  8. Hello, you are very welcome!
  9. Hey, St George has gone back to carrying his lance, may be he forgot the gladius!
  10. Hi Michelle, is good to see a member posting pics of them enjoying themselves, makes a change!
  11. I didn't think that I was a prepper, but now you've pointed this out I have to admit I've been buying a lot of tools and stuff from the central Isle in Aldi......
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