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  1. Sorry buddy, I will more than likely be doing another one soon, it was fun 👍
  2. Winning bidder @coppernut pm me with your postage choice and address pal
  3. This is awesome, would love to see somebody try and spend it in the shops as it's legal tender and I'm sure by law they have to accept legal tender
  4. Another fun fact I can actually travel through time, my only limitation is I travel at the rate of 1 second per second
  5. Fun fact Did you know that a lot of the stars we can see today are not actually there anymore, light travels at 670 million miles per hour, however some stars are that far away buy time the image reaches our eyes the actual star as burnt out and is no longer there, so in theory when star gazing, we are looking into the past.
  6. Got 50 of these in the post can't wait to receive them, awesome coins 👍
  7. This is so fun, might auction off my house next 😂
  8. I'll throw it in a capsule just for the sake of it haha
  9. My auction is up if anybody is interested, it's noting as good as this bar but it's all I'm willing to part with at this point 😂