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  1. AgAuNEWS

    New Swan Coin incoming?

    That's a mistake. The date for the release of all those coins in 6th March.
  2. AgAuNEWS

    New Swan Coin incoming?

    New one should be hugely popular and there should be a gold version of the 2017 design. 2018 design supposed to include a cygnet as well. All new Wedge-tailed Eagle is due (Flying Eagle with eaglet on branch) and a Dragon & Tiger to follow the Dragon & Phoenix. Chuck in a new Crocodile and an Emu in silver and it could be a busy year.
  3. AgAuNEWS

    If you were going to stack just one series of coins

    Not a fan of the Perth lunars personally. The Panda is still a decent range. Lots of the others like the Somali Elephants and Rwandan African Ounces can be pricey when you go back a few years. I think the British Lunars or the Queens Beasts are good choices. Both have a finite run which is always a good thing I think. Mik
  4. AgAuNEWS

    Perth Mint 2018 bullion designs now up

    That's a favourite of mine. Pity they didn't use it for the platinum kangaroo instead of the uber-dull Red Kangaroo design from years ago.
  5. Well the latest versions of the old favourites. Opinions? http://agaunews.com/perth-mint-debuts-latest-2018-bullion-coin-ranges-lunar-kookaburra/
  6. AgAuNEWS

    Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Wonder if they'll do a Diet Coke one in copper...
  7. AgAuNEWS

    New Isle of man 2oz piedfort proof Angel

    If you want to see an ugly royal coin, check out the 2003 Prince William coin issued for Alderney...
  8. AgAuNEWS

    New Isle of man 2oz piedfort proof Angel

    I'd expect to see bullion coins later, but not from CIT who deal with higher-end commemoratives. Tower Mint are striking circulating coins for the Isle of Man and they may well be the ones dealing with bullion, but it won't be CIT.
  9. AgAuNEWS

    New Isle of man 2oz piedfort proof Angel

    No, it's a standard proof coin. CIT rarely release anything but actual coin images, but this is one of those rare cases when they released renders instead. These minigold coins usually go for £55-60.
  10. AgAuNEWS

    New Isle of man 2oz piedfort proof Angel

    This isn't a bullion coin and at the likely price of these (€180) you won't be stacking them....
  11. AgAuNEWS

    Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    It's a shape that's quite difficult to strike, apparently. The Bavarian coin was pretty cool, but Coke has a huge market appeal, so may be a good seller.
  12. AgAuNEWS

    New Isle of man 2oz piedfort proof Angel

    The Queen effigy is actually just a version of the Jody Clark portrait, but with added shoulders. I think the differences in look are because of the high-relief strike.
  13. This is another of their limited run 1 oz silver bullion coins like the JFK and Pegasus coins, this one commemorating the Falklands War. Mintage capped at 50,000. I reckon this one will look good in the hand, the pictures are poor again... What do you think? http://agaunews.com/pobjoy-launches-falkland-islands-britannia-bullion-coin/ Mik
  14. AgAuNEWS

    Silver kruggerands

    Can't believe how the bullion version of this has spiralled. I can't see a logical reason why other than a misplaced feeding frenzy, but I'd be staggered if there wasn't a fall coming. The proof is nice and will have potential, but again, prices have risen too fast.
  15. AgAuNEWS

    Perth's Lunar Zoo...what's hot, what's not?

    Very cool set, I think a lot of the art is superior to series II. Some of the mintages are tiny. I do miss the half-kilo silver, all the diameter of the kilo at half the cost. I'd love to see that one back for series III, which if silver ever starts to rise dramatically may make sense for them financially. I did a comprehensive guide to this series with images of the designs and mintages of all the variants. Took me ages and it got corrupted recently, but all fixed now. http://agaunews.com/portfolio-items/perth-mint-lunar-series-i/